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Smart City Tender Updates September 2018

Oct 2, 2018 12:38:11 AM

With our smart city tender updates, bee smart city is your source of information for the latest smart city tenders: RFPs, RFIs, RFTs, CFIs, and PONs. Read the latest tender news to explore and seize business opportunities!



Design, development and implementation of smart street addressing solution for the state of Rajasthan

State of Rajasthan, Deadline: 08.10.2018
(RFT, Country: India, Language: -)

Design, development and implementation of smart street addressing solution for the state of Rajasthan.



Smart Cities Strategic Framework and Implementation Roadmap

City of Sydney, Deadline: 09.10.2018
(RFT, Country: Australia, Language: English)

Details via Search Tenders, Tender #: COS-823313 



Yeppoon Town Centre and Yeppoon Lagoon Smart Parking

Shire of Livingstone, Deadline: 10.10.2018
(RFT, Country: Australia, Language: English)

Livingstone Shire Council requires the design and installation of Smart Parking technology and infrastructure in the Yeppoon Town Centre and the Yeppoon Foreshore Lagoon area.



Request for proposal for tender Document For Grid Connected Rooftop Solar PV Systems in Agra under Smart Cities Mission

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, Deadline: 10.10.2018
(RFP, Country: India, Language: English)

Request for Proposal (RFP) of Bidders for design, manufacture, supply, erection, testing and commissioning including warranty, operation & maintenance of Roof Top Solar PV power system at Agra Smart City (ABD) Area, Agra, Uttar Pradesh.



Open Data and Citizen Engagement at the Local Level

UNDP / Municipality of Korca, Deadline: 12.10.2018
(RFP, Country: Albania, Language: English)

Building up on the successful example of the Municipality of Tirana, UNDP has committed to expand the initiative to other municipalities, starting with the Municipality of Korca.



Works Of Implementing Smart LED Street Lights And Centralized Control & Monitoring System

Amritsar, Deadline: 16.10.2018
(RFP, Country: India, Language: English)

Implementing Smart LED Street Lights And Centralized Control & Monitoring System on EPC Mode With Operation And Maintenance of 5 (Five) Years In Municipal Corporation Amritsar, Amritsar Under Smart City Mission.



Supply and installation of a smart parking system

City of Athens, Deadline: 25.10.2018
(RFT, Country: Greece, Language: Greek)

The subject of the contract is to supply 1,000 parking sensors, in-road placement, network interface equipment and smart city platforms, as well as installation and training services.



Safe Smart CLE Citywide Video Surveillance Implementation and Installation

City of Cleveland, Deadline: 26.10.2018
(RFP, Country: USA, Language: English)

The City of Cleveland, Ohio is requesting Proposals from qualified firms to provide a Citywide IP-based Video Surveillance Camera System and Network.  This turn-key solution is to support the placement of video surveillance cameras and associated wireless technology to enhance safety and security of the City of Cleveland Recreation Centers, Parks, Neighborhoods, Business Districts, Waterways, Bridges and Major Thoroughfares.



Supply and installation of automatic traffic counting equipment

Montenegro, Deadline: 26.10.2018
(Supply Contract, Country: Montenegro, Language: English)

The subject of the Contract is supply, delivery, unloading, installation, putting into operation, testing and training by the Contractor of traffic counting and classification equipment for the end recipient (Ministry of Transport, Directorate for Transport).



Implement Pan City ICT Solutions and Design and Construction of City Operations Center (COC) Building

Tirupati, Deadline: 30.10.2018
(RFP, Country: India, Language: English)

Implement Pan City ICT Solutions and Design and Construction of City Operations Center (COC) Building in Tirupati under Smart Cities Mission.



Improving local services with data: apply for contracts

Durham County Council & Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council, Deadline: 31.10.2018
(RFT, Country: UK, Language: English)

Durham County Council and Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council are seeking projects that investigate innovative ways of capturing data to improve their services. The councils are looking for projects that investigate 2 techniques:

  • ‘boots on the ground’, where residents collect and report data about issues such as potholes and street lighting
  • ‘eyes on the street’, where council vehicles collect and report data as they travel around the streets

Funding for the competition is provided by the GovTech Catalyst, a £20 million fund to help the public sector to make use of innovative technologies and improve public services.. 



Innovative solutions to fire safety and universal access in historic buildings

Cities of Limerick and Dublin, Deadline: 02.11.2018
(RFT, Country: Ireland, Language: English)

As part of the call we are seeking to address two of the key issues relating to the reuse of historic buildings within the city centers of Limerick and Dublin. We are looking for the most cost effective, least damaging, and effective solutions to deal with fire safety and universal access in the ongoing use of the historic built environment to create a more sustainable development model for these historic structures.



Smart Street Light Pilot

City of West Hollywood, Deadline: 12.11.2018
(RFP, Country: USA, Language: English)

The City seeks up to four Teams to work in collaboration with the City’s Innovation Division and Public Works Department to demonstrate how smart street light solutions can improve lighting, eliminate potential blight by integrating small cell technology, and provide additional smart city features that enhance quality of life in the city.



Somerville Urban Lab

City of Somerville, Deadline: 12.11.2018
(RFI, Country: USA, Language: English)

The City of Somerville is interested in learning from, piloting, and - when it’s the right tech for the right need - implementing technological innovations to better and effectively deliver in a range of areas. They include but are not limited to, housing, social equity, economic development, sustainability, arts, education, government innovation, smart city infrastructure, and public health.



Smart Cities Challenge - Call for Innovation

Vancouver/Surrey, Deadline: 02.01.2019
(CFI, Country: Canada, Language: English)

This CFI provides an opportunity for applicants to submit proposals in one or more of the following categories: proposed projects and proposed project components related to mobility, environmental quality, safety & security, etc., and consulting services.



Smart City Technology Development and Deployment

City of St. Louis, Deadline: 03.01.2019
(RFI, Country: USA, Language: English)

Technologies must address one or more specific goals listed in the documentation to be considered. The purpose of this RFI is to identify technologies that can be deployed within a short time frame if budgets permit as well as technologies that are larger in scope and will take a longer period of time to implement. This is an open invitation for vendors to propose technology solutions that improve city services and meet one or more specific goals.



Public Transit Technology and Innovation Program

New York State, Deadline: 21.02.2019
(PON, Country: USA, Language: English)

The Public Transit Technology and Innovation Program seeks proposals to develop and demonstrate innovative public transportation technologies and strategies that have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and associated energy consumption of the existing transit bus, rail, and connected intermodal transit systems in New York State (NYS).



Smart Energy Cities Products and Services

City of Liverpool, Deadline: -
(Prior Information Notice, Country: UK, Language: English)

The proposed scope of the agreement will provide provisions for both products and services required to deliver a “Smart Energy City” including smart sensors and monitoring equipment, electric vehicle charging points, data analytics and flexible energy usage services.



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