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Smart City Tender News & Updates October 2018 - Part I

Oct 15, 2018 2:18:53 AM

With our smart city tender updates, bee smart city is your source of information for the latest smart city tenders: RFPs, RFIs, RFTs, CFIs, and PONs. Read the latest tender news to explore and seize business opportunities!



Market Consultation: Air Quality Sensors / Air Quality Management (expected end date: 18.10.2018)

City of Venlo, Deadline: 18.10.2018
(PIN, Country: Netherlands, Language: -)

The municipality of Venlo is looking for the supply and maintenance of sensors that will provide data on air quality in its offices over the next 3 years in order to ultimately link indoor climate quality, sick leave, job satisfaction and productivity.



Smart Water Meters

City of Adelaide, Deadline: 23.10.2018
(RFT, Country: Australia, Language: English)

Design, Supply and Installation of Smart Water Meters.



Smart City Connectivity

City of Saratoga Springs, Deadline: 23.10.2018
(RFP, Country: USA, Language: English)

The City of Saratoga Springs (“City”) aims to leverage technology to improve City operations and provide services for City residents and guests. To achieve these goals, the City wants to partner with a telecommunications provider to connect City facilities and infrastructure through a high-speed, secure, reliable system that addresses the City’s current needs and future demands.



Boston Climate Action Plan Update

City of Boston, Deadline: 26.10.2018
(RFP, Country: USA, Language: English)

The City of Boston, acting through the Environment Department, is seeking a qualified consultant or team of consultants to provide facilitation, technical, and design services in support of the Boston Climate Action Plan (CAP) update. This update will serve as a blueprint for the next phase of the City’s climate work.



Energy Conservation Measures for Public Buildings

Greater Lincolnshire, Deadline: 26.10.2018
(PMC, Country: UK, Language: English)

North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) on behalf of the Greater Lincolnshire Local Economic Partnership (LEP) are delivering the Smart Energy, Greater Lincolnshire (SEGL) project. The SEGL programme aims to develop and deliver highly innovative energy efficiency, smart energy management, and renewable energy projects for public buildings.



Contract for the Provision of Electricity Metering and Related Services

South Australia Government, Deadline: 29.10.2018
(RFT, Country: Australia, Language: English)

The South Australia Government is seeking to secure an across government contract for electricity metering and related services (meter coordinator) that provides cost effective and suitable equipment, with accurate and timely recording and reporting of electricity consumption data. 



Intelligent Transportation System Phase VI

City of Santa Clarita, Deadline: 29.10.2018
(RFP, Country: USA, Language: English)

The City of Santa Clarita is seeking to obtain the services of a well qualified consultant to design this citywide project, which will enhance existing transportation infrastructure to meet the region's objective of improving economic opportunity, environmental quality and mobility throughout the region (more information providing the code "ENG-18-19-C0054" in the keyword field of the attached link - Bid Opportunities). 



Intelligent Transportation Systems and signal design- in support of the I-94 Modernization Project

Detroit, Michigan, Deadline: 25.10.2018
(RFP, Country: USA, Language: English)

This scope is to provide design services for an Adaptive Traffic Signal Control (ATSC) system on
Gratiot Ave and Michigan Ave. The ATSC system is part of the Pre-Stage Maintenance of Traffic
(MOT) Freeway Active Transportation and Demand Management (ATDM) project for the I-94
Modernization Project. 



Provision of advanced transportation controllers (ATC) solution

City of Vancouver, Deadline: 30.10.2018
(RFP, Country: Canada, Language: English)

The City of Vancouver requires a Proponent to provide a solution utilizing standards based Advanced Transportation Controller (ATC) hardware and associated firmware. 



Collection of Traffic Flow Information for Annual Traffic Census 2019 & 2020

Hong Kong, Deadline: 31.10.2018
(RFT, Country: China, Language: -)

Collection of traffic flow information for Annual Traffic Census 2019 & 2020, by means including installation and operation of the automatic vehicle counting systems provided by the Government, manual counting etc., and maintenance of the automatic vehicle counting systems during the contract period. 



Coastal Resilience Solutions Downtown & Dorchester

City of Boston, Deadline: 02.11.2018
(RFP, Country: USA, Language: English)

The City of Boston (City) is seeking a qualified consultant or team of consultants to provide technical, design, and engagement support in the development of coastal climate resilient design strategies and implementation roadmaps for the Downtown and Dorchester waterfronts as part of the Climate Ready Boston (CRB) initiative. 



Sensing the Provincial Platform for Intelligent Management of Public Services

Badajoz Province, Deadline: 02.11.2018
(RFT, Country: Spain, Language: Spanish)

Sensing the Provincial Platform for Intelligent Management of Public Services:
intelligent management of bathing areas and water supply, sanitation and reuse. 



Waste and rubbish containers and bins

City of Stockholm, Deadline: 05.11.2018
(RFT, Country: Sweden, Language: Swedish)

The procurement includes waste containers and waste bags for outdoor use, "smart" solar cell compacting waste containers and park-offs for parks. 



Pollution-monitoring Devices: Purchase of measuring equipment for monitoring the quality of ambient air

Ljubljana, Slovenia, Deadline: 06.11.2018
(Contract Notice, Country: Slovenia, Language: Slovenian)

The subject of the public procurement procedure is the purchase of measuring equipment for monitoring the quality of ambient air. The public contract is divided into 9 lots. 



Smart Monitoring and Management Yellagonga Wetlands Project (Ref. JOONDA-826372)

City of Joondalup, Deadline: 06.11.2018
(RFT, Country: Australia, Language: English)

The City of Joondalup on behalf of the Cities of Joondalup and Wanneroo is seeking to engage a Contractor to provide smart technology to improve efficiencies in monitoring environmental health and public use of the Yellagonga Regional Park and deliver community focused services that make the precinct more sustainable, liveable and safe. 



2019 Startup in Residence (STIR) Program

City of Sacramento, Deadline: 07.11.2018
(RFP, Country: USA, Language: English)

The City of Sacramento is partnering with City Innovate to sponsor the Startup in Residence (“STIR”) Program that connects City departments with innovative technology startups for a 16-week voluntary in-residence period to develop technology-based solutions that address challenges facing City government. 



Rafael Rivera Soccer Field Lighting

City of Las Vegas, Deadline: 08.11.2018
(RFP, Country: USA, Language: English)

The City of Las Vegas (Owner) hereby invites qualified firms or individuals (Bidders) to submit Bids for Rafael Rivera Soccer Field Lighting to provide LED Soccer Field Sports lighting with new poles and fixtures. Includes conduit for Smart Cities Connectability infrastructure. 



Connected & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Strategic Plan

Lee County, Deadline: 08.11.2018
(Bid Opportunity, Country: USA, Language: English)

Lee County BoCC seeks Consulting Firm to assist Lee County Staff in creating a visioning document to address the Counties goals and objectives as it pertains to Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technology and the Smart Cities concept. 



Installation of the technological systems associated with the management and regulation of the transport services of the new bus station of Logroño (Spain)

City of Logroño, Deadline: 09.11.2018
(RFT, Country: Spain, Language: Spanish)

Minimum needs to be met by the successful tenderer of this supply contract to be made available:

  • Passenger information system
  • Operating aid system
  • Central management system
  • Clocks and time synchronization of station systems
  • Other information systems
  • Free WIFI access service for users
  • Security and access control system
  • Data Processing Center and Control Center
  • Wiring and installations

The successful tenderer will supply all hardware, software, configuration, installation, and any and all service that is necessary for the achievement of the objectives described. 



Plank Road Corridor Master Plan

Baton Rouge, Deadline: 09.11.2018
(RFP, Country: USA, Language: English)

The East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority (“EBRRA”) is soliciting proposals from qualified professional firms (“Consultant”) to facilitate a planning process that culminates in the development of a comprehensive master plan (“Master Plan”) for the Plank Road Corridor [...]  Proposals are being requested from qualified firms with considerable experience in urban policy, sustainable design, land redevelopment, transportation and pedestrian circulation, economic analysis, form-based codes, and strategies to achieve racial and economic equity. 



Provision of Interactive Solar Smart Compactor Street Litter Bins

City of Moreland, Deadline: 13.11.2018
(EOI, Country: Australia, Language: English)

Moreland City Council is seeking a suitably qualified contractor to provide a network of litter bin infrastructure, which will reduce bin collections, infrastructure and truck movements within the central business district.  



Accompaniment of the working group Integrated Traffic Management and Platform Smart Mobility

City of Zurich, Deadline: 14.11.2018
(RFT, Country: Switzerland, Language: German)

Well-functioning, city-compatible mobility is a central prerequisite for the quality of life in the city of Zurich. As part of the "Urban Transport 2025" programme, various working groups have been commissioned with their respective tasks. Two of them are to be accompanied and supported by an engineering office: Integrated Transport Management Working Group and Platform Smart Mobility (more information by entering the project ID (177069) or the notice no. (1040559) at the bottom of the page that is loaded with the attached link). 



Application of Big Data for Energy Management in Water Utilities

Water Research Foundation, Deadline: 27.11.2018
(RFP, Country: USA, Language: English)

The Water Research Foundation is currently funding research to better understand how big data could be successfully utilized to manage and optimize current energy management schemes in utilities. 



Advanced Traffic Management and Advanced Traveler Information Systems

Iowa Department of Transportation, Deadline: 05.12.2018
(RFP, Country: USA, Language: English)

The Iowa DOT is seeking an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) and an Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS). Responders may propose to provide either system independently or an integrated solution. 



Smart Solar and Storage Project for 500 Homes

Aberdeenshire, Deadline: 14.01.2019 (publication of contract notice)
(RFI, Country: UK, Language: English)

Aberdeenshire Council is planning the procurement of a pilot programme, at approximately 500 homes owned by the Council, for the installation of a ‘Smart Solar and Storage’ package including roof-mounted solar PV, battery storage and smart energy management.  



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