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Smart City Tender News & Updates November 2018

Nov 26, 2018 3:06:41 AM

With our smart city tender updates, bee smart city is your source of information for the latest smart city tenders: RFPs, RFIs, RFTs, CFIs, and PONs. Read the latest tender news to explore and seize business opportunities!


Modular Smart City Sensor System

City of Las Vegas, Deadline: 29.11.2018
(RFP, Country: USA, Language: English)

The City of Las Vegas is seeking one or more modular sensor systems that consists of integrated hardware and networking equipment that supports a suite of interchangeable smart city sensors. The sensors shall be capable of providing security, environmental and communication features based on city needs.

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Street Equipment – Refuse Data Collection System

City of Columbus, Deadline: 29.11.2018
(RFP, Country: USA, Language: English)

The Department of Public Service is initiating a procurement effort for The City of Columbus, Division of Refuse Collection, seeking a refuse data collection system that will gather routing and refuse collection data to allow reporting of collected data for management and efficiency purposes. This project will implement a data collection system to be installed in each refuse truck and to be used with the existing RouteSmart routing system to display routes to be followed by each vehicle.

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Development of the S2CITY initiative - smart system of services to citizens and tourists

City of Valladolid, Deadline: 29.11.2018
(RFT, Country: Spain, Language: Spanish)

The actions to be undertaken, which will include the necessary hardware, software and professional services, are as follows:

  • Integration of the Municipal Services Card in municipal service areas
  • Loyalty and Gamification Platform
  • Citizen participation website
  • Smart Valladolid Solution
  • Hardware and Software Equipment
  • Integration Platform.

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Advanced Public Transit Systems Statewide Procurement

Florida Department of Transportation, Deadline: 30.11.2018
(RFI, Country: USA, Language: English)

The Florida Department of Transportation is requesting information from integrators of transit technology and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in order to consider establishing one or more statewide procurement contracts for the following technologies and devices: automated passenger counters (APCs), scheduling software, voice annunciators, fareboxes, mobile data terminals (MDTs), mobile payment systems, camera systems, and onboard safety monitoring systems.

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Airborne Particle Monitoring: Air Quality Monitors Framework Agreement

Transport for Greater Manchester, Deadline: 03.12.2018
(RFT, Country: UK, Language: English)

TfGM is looking to establish a single supplier Framework agreement for the purchase of new and replacement air quality monitors. The scope of the required framework agreement includes the following:
  1. the supply, installation and commissioning of new air quality monitoring stations,
  2. the supply, installation and commissioning of monitors, analysers and ancillary equipment with existing monitoring stations,
  3. the relocation of existing air quality monitoring stations,
  4. the de-commissioning and disposal of existing air quality monitors, analysers, ancillary equipment and enclosures,
  5. an option for maintenance of installed air quality monitors and analysers.

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Four-Dimensional Monitoring of Ambient Air Pollution

City of Skopje, Deadline: 03.12.2018
(RFT, Country: Macedonia, Language: Macedonian)

Establishment of the system for four-dimensional monitoring of ambient air pollution in the Skopje valley.

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Parking Access and Revenue Control System (PARCS)

City of Philadelphia, Deadline: 04.12.2018
(RFI, Country: US, Language: English)

The Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) is looking to replace the currently installed HUB/Zeag PARCS and equipment at six (6) of its Center City garages that it operates.

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250 KWP Grid Connected Land Mounting Solar Power Plant System

City of Rajkot, Deadline: 04.12.2018
(RFP, Country: India, Language: English)

Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 250 KWP Grid Connected Land Mounting Solar Power Plant System with related comprehensive Electrical, Mechanical & Civil Work including all necessary equipments with 10 (Ten) years comprehensive operation and maintenance work at Raiyadhar 56 MLD Drainage Sewage treatment plant.

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Advanced Traffic Management and Advanced Traveler Information Systems

Iowa Department of Transportation, Deadline: 05.12.2018
(RFP, Country: USA, Language: English)

The Iowa DOT is seeking an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) and an Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS). Responders may propose to provide either system independently or an integrated solution.

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Installation of Additional Traffic Detectors, Speed Map Panel and Journey Time Indication Systems

Hong Kong, Deadline: 07.12.2018
(RFP, Country: China, Language: -)

The contract comprises three parts:
  • design, supply, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of about 660 traffic detectors, new journey time indicators at 19 locations, 1 set of enhanced speed map panel, and associated power supply system, data communication system, computer server, and civil, structural, electrical and electronic works;
  • integration of the existing journey time indication and speed map panel systems into the new systems; and
  • 6-year operation and maintenance services of the completed systems.

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Supply, Installation and Maintenance of an Integrated Smart City Platform with Consultancy Support

City of Kingston upon Hull, Deadline: 07.12.2018
(RFP, Country: UK, Language: English)

This Integrated Smart City Platform (ISCP), which is the focus of the procurement, will be the horizontal foundation software platform for integrating, transforming, managing and analysing the data used to control the vertical services and solutions. The platform will analyse and aggregate data from a wide range of devices including sensors, actuators, mobile devices, cameras and line of business 3rd party systems. This data will be combined to provide smart, automated and responsive actions based on artificial intelligence (A.I), prebuilt policies and algorithms that can identify, predict and respond to situations in real time. e.g. adjusting the brightness of street lights based on volume of pedestrians or traffic light controls based on the flows of traffic.

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IOT Water Temperature Monitoring Solution

City of Inverness, Deadline: 10.12.2018
(RFT, Country: UK, Language: English)

As part of a joint funding opportunity using European Regional Development Funding and Funding from the Highland Council to significantly reduce the number of visits to sites in order to conduct water temperature measurements on sentinel outlets and identified pipework in buildings using an IOT Enabled System. To reduce contracted visits per site from monthly to once/ twice yearly visits. The Council will initially purchase through the provider 20 Local Network LoRa Gateways for use on the suppliers system and 240 LoRa Devices along with 80 Sigfox Devices for Sigfox coverage areas in the Highlands for year 1 proposal. The Council will draw down on funding over year 2 and 3 as required based on connectivity options with 3rd part providers.

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Automatic Cycle Counters

Scotland, Deadline: 10.12.2018
(RFT, Country: UK, Language: English)

Cycling Scotland are undertaking a programme for monitoring long term cycle usage in Scotland named the National Monitoring Framework (NMF). The main outcome of the NMF will be to provide data which will allow Cycling Scotland and partners to accurately measure the cycling mode share in Scotland.

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Traffic & Parking Study

City of Burlington, Deadline: 10.12.2018
(RFP, Country: Canada, Language: English)

Joseph Brant Hospital is currently looking to engage a company to provide a Traffic and Parking study. Tasks include:

  • assessment and evaluation of the current parking demand,
  • projection/estimation of future demand, and
  • assist in the development of options for traffic flow and parking facilities.

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Selection of System Integrator for Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and O&M for ICT led Smart City Solutions

City of Pimpri Chinchwad, Deadline: 12.12.2018
(RFP, Country: India, Language: English)

Pimpri Chinchwad Smart City Limited (PCSCL), as part of this RFP, intends to implement below mentioned solutions with the following key objectives:

  • City Network (Active): The network backbone shall provide a converged network, bringing together different city management vertical solutions on a common network infrastructure for Pimpri-Chinchwad. The converged network shall facilitate information exchange between resources and applications across different domains. It will be an end-to-end open platform enabling services across the city.

  • City Surveillance: A city-wide surveillance system to ensure public safety, prevent crimes and maintain law & order

  • Smart Water: To generate water bills by integrating smart meter data acquired from Smart Water Meters with existing Water Billing Application

  • Smart Sewerage: An integrated sewer supply system and lifecycle management of Sewage Network from COC to monitor the quality of treatment

  • Smart Traffic: To establish Intelligent Traffic Management System to bring out more efficiency and better day to day traffic management

  • Social Media Analytics: To build a platform and dashboard to gather and analyse various multi-structured data generated by the citizens via multiple platforms

  • Smart City Mobile App and Web Portal: To create a real time user friendly single window service delivery system in the city

  • Smart Environment: To install sensors at field locations and deployment of Central Environment System at the City Operation Centre

  • Smart Parking: To provide a seamless, efficient, citizen-friendly, cost and time effective parking operation for the City

  • IT enabled Solid Waste Management System: To provide tracking of SWM fleet, weigh bridge automation, staff attendance management, dashboard monitoring and user communication with much improved & efficient management of Solid Waste Operations in the city.

  • Setting of City Operation Centre, Command Control Centre, Server Room, Network Operation Centre and Traffic Control Centre: Monitoring, controlling and operating all the above-specified Smart City Components through the establishment of respective Operation centres.

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Provision of an E-Bike Rental and Maintenance Service in North Aberdeenshire

Aberdeenshire, Deadline: 14.12.2018
(RFT, Country: UK, Language: English)

The aim of the E-Bike hire scheme is to provide electric bikes at strategic points along the Formartine and Buchan Way (former railway line). This line has been identified as one of Scotland’s Great trails and as such could play an important role in supporting the local economies for those settlements along the route and would align well with aspirations to grow tourism in Aberdeen City and Shire.

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Inflow Redirection Kerr/Russell

City of Columbus, Deadline: 14.12.2018
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

The City of Columbus Division of Sewerage and Drainage (DOSD) initiated CIP 650790-113180 and will award a project to design stormwater improvements to redirect public sources of stormwater inflow from approximately twenty (20) acres of the twenty four (24) acre Kerr/Russell Avenue Combined Sewershed. This inflow redirection is intended to reduce the number of CSO events occurring at the Kerr Russell CSO regulator to a Typical Year Level of Service. Refer to Figure 5.2.4 of the Integrated Plan and 2015 WWMP Update Report for the Project location.

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Floodplain Review Assistance Services 2019-2021

City of Columbus, Deadline: 14.12.2018
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

The City wishes to hire an engineering firm with experience in reviewing hydrologic and hydraulic analyses associated with floodplain studies for compliance with applicable City of Columbus regulations and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) standards. The work may include but not limited to: reviewing floodplain studies and analysis; preparing technical reports including a summary of study findings and recommendations based on the technical review; field surveying such as staking the 100-year floodplain, floodway and Stream Corridor Protection Zone (SCPZ); field surveying and staking to show LOMXs areas in the field; preparing site plans to show the areas and amounts of fill and disturbance; preparing technical memorandums; and performing community interaction services. The Offeror shall be experienced in reviewing hydrologic and hydraulic analyses associated with floodplain studies. The Offeror must have experienced personnel and equipment for performing this work. It is anticipated that the general engineering contract will be for a period of one year with an option to renew for two additional years in an amount not to exceed $25,000. each year.

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Maintenance of Monitoring and Warning Devices for CO and NO2 Gases in Car Parks

City of Le Kremlin-Bicêtre (Paris), Deadline: 14.12.2018
(RFP, Country: France, Language: French)

The purpose of this contract is to set up a contract for the maintenance, preventive and corrective maintenance and regulatory technical verification of exhaust gases in the Broca Alagille parking lot, Maternity and archives 5° underground - Bicêtre site, for the years 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.

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Grants for 5G Technology Pilot Projects

Government of Spain, Deadline: 14.12.2018
(Grant, Country: Spain, Language: Spanish)

Concession of up to 2 pilot projects of 5G technologies on a competitive basis. Objectives: experience the 5G network deployments, experiment with network management techniques enabled by 5G technology and develop use cases.

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Provision of Ambient Air Real Time Gaseous Analysers

United Kingdom, Deadline: 17.12.2018
(RFT, Country: UK, Language: English)

The Environment Agency on behalf of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Affiliated Local Authorities and Devolved Administrations is seeking to procure gas analysers to measure the following gases: oxides of nitrogen (NOx), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and carbon monoxide (CO). The gas analysers will in general be used on the UK’s largest Air Quality Monitoring Network the Automatic Urban and Rural Network (AURN).

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ICT Strategic Partner

City of Wirral, Deadline: 17.12.2018
(RFP, Country: UK, Language: English)

Wirral Council is seeking responses for:

  • A single strategic supplier to assist in the selection, supply, delivery, implementation and ongoing support / maintenance of the councils ICT demands within the core infrastructure.

  • The requirement is for a partner who can assist in the development of a strategic roadmap in line with the council's core strategy.

  • The single strategic partner will work with the council on the agreed roadmap for the next 3 - 5 years; in managing the supply of all software licenses and hardware including new and existing maintenance renewals.

  • The partner must demonstrate added value to the council in the form of skilled pre-sales resource and direct cost savings on existing contracts / supply of new technologies (hardware and software)

  • The estimated value of the renewals during the lifetime of this contract period is £8-10 million.

  • This will exclude the management and technical support of the council's network and telephony infrastructure which is covered under separate contracts.

This is a 3 year contract with the option to extend for up to a further 2 years.

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Denver Smart City On Call Agile Professional Services

City of Denver, Deadline: 21.12.2018
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

The City and County of Denver’s General Services Purchasing Division is seeking contractors who can provide professional services to assist in the planning, development, operation and execution of Denver Smart City projects. This shall include: technology development and deployment, data analysis, and strategic development and planning that focus on sustainability, mobility, access, resilience, and transparency. We want on-call expertise across three disciplines:

  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)

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Contracts for procurement cum management, operation and maintenance of new generation of parking meter system

Hong Kong, Deadline: 21.12.2018
(RFT, Country: China, Language: -)

The successful tenderer will be required to undertake the following key duties:

  1. provision of hardware of the parking meter system;
  2. provision of software licences for the parking meter system;
  3. management, operation and maintenance of the parking meter system and the associated equipment/mobile applications;
  4. retrieval, management and maintenance of the data from the parking meters and the associated equipment/mobile applications through wireless communication network;
  5. uploading/downloading and reconciliation of the parking transaction data and information to/from the parking meters and the Clearing Service Contractors and issue dispute notice to the Clearing Service Contractors on the discrepancy found;
  6. upgrading the software to meet the latest security requirements of different modes of electronic payment means, and developing and continuously upgrading the Parking Meter Mobile Application having regard to the latest market situation;
  7. developing and continuously upgrading the Police Enforcement Mobile Application which provides meter utilisation and payment data to the Police Officers;
  8. operation of a customer service hotline to receive public complaints on defective parking meters and conducting inspection and repair;
  9. temporary suspension and resumption, cancellation and addition of metered parking spaces as directed; and
  10. routine inspection, repairing, maintenance and replacement of the deformed traffic signs.

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Robots and Artificial Intelligence for the Port Authority of NY & NJ

City of New York, Deadline: 31.12.2018
(RFI, Country: US, Language: English)

The Port Authority is seeking information from firms (Respondents) that design and develop robots and/or AI in one or more of areas related to maintenance, inspections, customer service, safety, and traffic management. The Port Authority anticipates, but does not guarantee, that a procurement related to robots and/or AI at the PABT will be undertaken as a result of the information received pursuant to this Request for Information (RFI).

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EU Support to the establishment of a National Monitoring Information System on Municipal Solid Waste (NMIS-MSW)

Jordan, Deadline: 14.01.2019
(RFT, Country: Jordan, Language: English)

Umweltbundesamt GmbH (Environment Agency Austria, EAA) is tendering Real Time Monitoring Systems (RTMS) to be installed at 3 landfill sites in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Lot 1). In addition, a Mobile Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station (MAAQMS) is tendered (Lot 2). The Contracting Authority however reserves the right to chancel the planned procurement of the MMAQMS should the available funding not suffice for its procurement.

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Connected and Automated Vehicles

Minnesota Department of Transportation, Deadlines: 18.01.2019, 15.03.2019 (proposals are reviewed every two months)
(RFP, Country: USA, Language: English)

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is seeking proposals from industry and transportation partners for innovative project ideas with the potential to advance connected and automated vehicle technologies in the state.

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Smart Solar and Storage Project for 500 Homes

Aberdeenshire, Deadline: 14.01.2019 (publication of contract notice)
(RFI, Country: UK, Language: English)

Aberdeenshire Council is planning the procurement of a pilot programme, at approximately 500 homes owned by the Council, for the installation of a ‘Smart Solar and Storage’ package including roof-mounted solar PV, battery storage and smart energy management.

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Parking Management Application, Business Intelligence Platform, and Customer Support Services

City of Philadelphia, Deadline: 25.01.2019
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

The Philadelphia Parking Authority (the “Authority”) is soliciting written proposals from qualified Offerors for parking management technology, ticket processing and related services. There are three separate and distinct components of the procurement that may be provided under one contract by a single or multiple Offerors or by multiple Offerors under more than one contract. At its sole discretion the Authority will determine the most advantageous approach.

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Light Communication and Positioning System for e-Mobility and Smart Cities

Germany, Deadline: -
(Business Opportunity, Country: Germany, Language: English / German)

A German SME active in the photonic sector with focus on smart measurement and communication solutions has developed a light communication and positioning system for e-mobility - enabling last few meter guidance. Briefly, the solution combines infrared and video data to facilitate accuracy to a few millimeter. The company is looking for partners to develop the product towards serial production. Commercial agreement with technical assistance, licence agreement or technical cooperation are sought.

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Electric Bicycle Trailers for Green and Efficient Last Mile Transport in Urban Areas

Germany, Deadline: -
(Business Opportunity, Country: Germany, Language: English / German)

A startup from northern Germany has developed an intelligent electric bicycle trailer for effortless transport of heavy loads by bike. The solution is designed for goods transport in densely populated urban areas. With the start of production the company seeks contacts with companies, cities and communities for commercial agreements with technical assistance and joint pilot projects.

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System for Reliable Detection of Occupancy of Parking Spaces

Spain, Deadline: -
(Business Opportunity, Country: Spain, Language: English / Spanish)

An electronic engineering research group from a Spanish university presents an artificial vision system with telemeter, which combines the information from a video camera and an steerable telemeter, to inform and guide the user when finding a parking space regardless of the vehicle type or size or the environmental conditions. The research group looks for license agreements, collaboration agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance with public administrations and car parks.

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