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Smart City Tender News & Updates January 2019 - Part I

Jan 5, 2019 4:22:21 AM

With our smart city tender updates, bee smart city is your source of information for the latest smart city tenders: RFPs, RFIs, RFTs, CFIs, and PONs. Read the latest tender news to explore and seize business opportunities!


Parking Access & Revenue Control Systems for Alumni Square Garage

City of Bowling Green, Deadline: 10.01.2019
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

Western Kentucky University (WKU) Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) is seeking proposals to upgrade or replace its existing Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) and related equipment at the Alumni Square Garage.

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Big Data Pilot Project for Transportation Planning

City of Sacramento, Deadline: 11.01.2019
(RFQ, Country: US, Language: English)

The Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG), in partnership with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB), is exploring a cost effective approach of using big data to advance transportation planning as a proof of concept for statewide applications with multiple purposes and at different geographic levels.

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Marketing Campaign for an Electric Bus Service

City of Moray, Deadline: 11.01.2019
(RFP, Country: UK, Language: English)

HITRANS wish to commission a marketing consultant to develop and implement a marketing campaign for an electric bus service to be operated in Moray. This service forms part of a European INTERREG North Sea Region project titled Green Passenger Transport in Rural Areas (G-PaTRA). A new scheduled bus service is to be introduced serving parts of rural Moray which currently have no access to regular bus services. The service will operate from Aberlour to Forres via Knockando, offering both commuter and social links currently unavailable. The scope of the project is to test the efficiency and reliability of an electric vehicle in a challenging rural environment, promoting a carbon neutral alternative to the motor car on this corridor.

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Greater Peoria Regional Digital Inclusion Plan

State of Illinois, Deadline: 11.01.2019
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (TCRPC) and Peoria County wish to create a Digital Inclusion Strategic Plan for the Greater Peoria region - consisting of Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford Counties. A Digital Inclusion Strategic Plan will help ensure all segments of the region’s population benefit from innovation, drive economic development, and reduce disparities. Such a plan should also help local agencies secure grants aimed improving redevelopment.

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Services for the Implementation of the Project "Smart Island Lanzarote - Smart Biosphere Reserve"

Island of Lanzarote, Deadline: 14.01.2019
(RFP, Country: Spain, Language: Spanish)

Lot 1: Smart Island Office LRiB: strategic planning, Project Management Office (PMO) and project innovation center.

Lot 2: Lanzarote Smart Biosphere Reserve platform, digital tourism channel and the predictive balanced scorecard of the tourist experience.

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Design Services for Intelligent Transportation Systems

State of Michigan, Deadline: 14.01.2019
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

Design services for ITS systems for I-94 and US-127 in Jackson and M-14/US-23 in Washtenaw County. Work for this project consists of two phases:

  • Phase I: Includes providing design services for an ITS project, developing the final bid package based on 100% complete plans, and providing cost estimates for construction.
  • Phase II: If an authorization is written to the consultant to do so, involves serving as the MDOT representative (System Manager), through the construction phase.

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Solar Bus Stop LED Standalone Light Project

State of Nevada, Deadline: 14.01.2019
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

It is the intent of this formal Invitation to Bid (ITB) to receive Bid Proposals from qualified Bidders for the Solar Bus Stop LED Standalone Light Project. In accordance with the bid specifications and conditions, the work includes, but is not limited to the assembly of standalone solar lighting sources at 300 stops in all jurisdictions throughout the valley, City of Las Vegas, Clark County, City of North Las Vegas, the City of Henderson and Boulder City.

The RFP can be accessed under "Current Bid Opportunities" with Bid Number: RTC ITB NO. 19-022 Addendum 1.

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Consultant for flow and combined sewer overflow monitoring services

City of Vancouver, Deadline: 14.01.2019
(RFP, Country: Canada, Language: English)

The City of Vancouver is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide flow and combine sewer overflow (“CSO”) monitoring services for its sewer system. The flow and CSO monitoring services are intended to include equipment selection, rental or purchase, installation, maintenance, as well as data management and reporting.

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Marketing positioning for the promotion of the Intelligent Metropolis

City of Lyon, Deadline: 14.01.2019
(RFP, Country: France, Language: French)

Realization of the marketing positioning for the promotion of the intelligent city approach of the Lyon Metropolitan Area, the digital ecosystem and emerging sectors with the realization of the associated communication tools for 2019-2020.

  • Lot 1: Smart Metropolis approach
  • Lot 2: Digital ecosystem and emerging sectors.

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EU Support to the establishment of a National Monitoring Information System on Municipal Solid Waste (NMIS-MSW)

Jordan, Deadline: 14.01.2019
(RFT, Country: Jordan, Language: English)

Umweltbundesamt GmbH (Environment Agency Austria, EAA) is tendering Real Time Monitoring Systems (RTMS) to be installed at 3 landfill sites in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Lot 1). In addition, a Mobile Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station (MAAQMS) is tendered (Lot 2). The Contracting Authority however reserves the right to chancel the planned procurement of the MMAQMS should the available funding not suffice for its procurement.

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Connected and Automated Vehicles

Minnesota Department of Transportation, Deadlines: 18.01.2019, 15.03.2019 (proposals are reviewed every two months)
(RFP, Country: USA, Language: English)

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is seeking proposals from industry and transportation partners for innovative project ideas with the potential to advance connected and automated vehicle technologies in the state.

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Smart Solar and Storage Project for 500 Homes

Aberdeenshire, Deadline: 14.01.2019 (publication of contract notice)
(RFI, Country: UK, Language: English)

Aberdeenshire Council is planning the procurement of a pilot programme, at approximately 500 homes owned by the Council, for the installation of a ‘Smart Solar and Storage’ package including roof-mounted solar PV, battery storage and smart energy management.

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Algorithms to Convert Basic Safety Messages (BSM) into Traffic Measures

Deadline: 15.01.2019
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

The objective of this project is to develop and validate algorithms that will use BSM data to estimate selected traffic measures that could be used for performance monitoring, traffic control, and traveler information.

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Solar Powered Compacting Litter Bins and Associated Information Technology and Software Solution

County of Meath, Deadline: 15.01.2019
(RFT, Country: Ireland, Language: English)

The lease, installation, commissioning and maintenance of solar powered compacting litter bins at various locations within the Council's administrative area. The Contracting Authority intends to procure an intelligent public waste system comprising of a network of solar powered compacting litter bins, coupled to a software application enabled through a web portal, delivering real time data information on the status of each bin.

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Smart Lighting Control System

Tan Tock Seng Hospital Pte Ltd, Deadline: 15.01.2019
(RFQ, Country: Singapore, Language: English)

Smart Lighting Control System at Tan Tock Seng Hospital car park (delivery, supply, installation of innovation & green committee).

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Technical Support for Smart Cities Projects (public corporate entity belonging to the Spanish Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda), Deadline: 16.01.2019
(RFP, Country: Spain, Language: Spanish)

Technical support services for projects in the area of smart cities and territories.

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Tracking Traffic Congestion and Black Spots

National Highways Authority of India, Deadline: 16.01.2019
(EOI, Country: India, Language: English)

National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) aims to engage with agencies to develop a centralized system to track traffic, speed, pattern, behavior, etc. at predetermined points along the National Highways and to issue alert on predetermined events.

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Consultant as Project Developer for Smart, Sustainable and Viable Cities and Communities

City of Gävle, Deadline: 16.01.2019
(RFT, Country: Sweden, Language: Swedish)

Framework agreement, consulting service as project developer within strategic innovation collaboration with specialist expertise in smart, sustainable and viable cities. The project developer will secure project funding for FPX and GeoLife Regions parties.

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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Generating System On The Roof of The Port Authority Of New York & New Jersey’s Path Macmillan Bloedel Building

Cities of New York/New Jersey, Deadline: 16.01.2019
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

The Port Authority is hereby seeking proposals from qualified firms for the sale to the Port Authority of electric power generated by a solar photovoltaic (“PV”) power generating system financed, designed, built, installed, owned, operated and maintained by the Proposer on the roof of the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey’s PATH MacMillan Bloedel Building.

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Study on Blockchains: Legal, Governance and Interoperability Aspects

European Commission, Deadline: 17.01.2019
(RFP, Country: Belgium, Language: Official EU languages (see link)

The study will enquire for legal and regulatory aspects related to blockchain-inspired technologies and their applications as well as for socio-economic impacts of the Blockchain technology. The study/procurement should enable mobilising ad-hoc expertise and to collect facts and figures in a flexible way to support the EU Blockchain initiative. The study should reinforce or complement the work of the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, while providing useful and meaningful inputs for the deployment of a EU Blockchain Infrastructure in 2019. The outcome will also be used for elaborating, legitimating and implementing approaches and specific actions. They will contribute to the overarching policy and funding actions for the next multi financial framework. They should be used for the EC engagement with diversified constituencies and for dissemination purposes.

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Energy Conservation Measures for Public Buildings - Technologies

Greater Lincolnshire, Deadline: 18.01.2019
(RFP, Country: UK, Language: English)

ENGIE on behalf of their Partner, North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC), is seeking suitably qualified contractors to deliver Energy Conservation Measures. This project involves improvements to the existing plant and controls to improve the buildings overall energy consumption, metering and efficiency The Project is divided into Lots. Lot 1 Grimsby Municipal Offices - LED Lighting, 3rd Floor Heating Lot 2 Cleethorpes Civic Offices - LED Lighting Upgrade, Solar PV Installation, Installation of New Control, BMS Panel Lot 3 Cleethorpes Town Hall - Replacement Boilers and Associated Equipment, , BMS and Metering (AMR), LED Lighting Upgrade Lot 4 Grimsby Market Stalls - LED Lighting Upgrade Lot 5 Fishing Heritage Centre - Lighting Upgrade and Solar PV Installation, Mechanical, BMS, and Metering Works Tenderers can bid for one or more lots.

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Smart Motorways Alliance and Associated Works

City of Birmingham, Deadline: 18.01.2019
(RFT, Country: UK, Language: English)

Highways England seeks to appoint 6 partners to create the Smart Motorway Programme Alliance ("SMP Alliance") over a 10.5 year period, including a mobilisation and a further period to complete outstanding works. One Partner shall provide production management services (Lot 1), 2 Partners shall be digitally enabled designers (Lot 2) and 3 Partners shall undertake on-site assembly and construction role (Lot 3). The Alliance will develop, design, and build multiple road schemes under a single Alliance Contract. Partners will operate from a centralised Production Hub to coordinate delivery. The Alliance will increase lane capacity on all parts of the strategic road network through embedding technology and converting hard shoulders to all-lane running. Where required, the Alliance will also deliver associated works to coordinate wider HE programme of works. The Alliance may also support HE deliver the wider autonomous and connected vehicles road implementation strategy.

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On-Call Transportation Planning Services

City of Portland, Deadline: 21.01.2019
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

The City of Portland, Bureau of Transportation is seeking proposals for various professional services on an as-needed basis. These as-needed services are referred to as “price agreements,” and generally include work with short deadlines, scopes that may need to be developed quickly, and/or requiring expertise currently unavailable in-house. The service categories are transportation planning, bicycle/pedestrian/scooter/ADA planning & safety analysis, urban design & landscape architecture and new mobility and emerging transportation technologies.

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Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality

City of Mâcon, Deadline: 21.01.2019
(RFT, Country: France, Language: French)

Monitoring of indoor air quality in the Saône-et-Loire Department's public buildings.

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Provision of Consulting, Engineering and Design Services to Intelligent Transportation Systems

Region of York, Deadline: 24.01.2019
(RFP, Country: Canada, Language: English)

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to seek proposals from qualified consulting firms to furnish all professional and technical services to the Business Planning and Technology (BPT) branch of Transportation Services on an as required basis.  The term of the Contract shall be for 3 years commencing on the contract award date. Consulting Assignments will be grouped into the following two categories:

  • Vehicle On-Board and Central systems Consulting Assignments
  • On-Street and Facilities Systems

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Intelligent Street Light System

City of Suffolk, Deadline: 24.01.2019
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

The City seeks a qualified offeror to provide an intelligent Street Light Operation and Management System for street lights, parking lot lights and other lighting areas.

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ASEAN-Australia Smart Cities Accelerator (ASCA)

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Deadline: 24.01.2019
(RFP, Country: Australia, Language: English)

In implementing the ASCA, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is seeking tenders from experienced profit and not-for-profit incubators and accelerators to support and scale high-growth potential enterprises focused on smart urbanisation solutions in ODA eligible cities across ASEAN Member States.

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Battery Storage / Electrical Energy Storage System (ESS)

City of Arnhem, Deadline: 24.01.2019
(RFT, Country: Netherlands, Language: Dutch)

The municipality of Arnhem is developing renewable energy generation projects and accelerating innovation through the CleanMobilEnergy Interreg NW Europe project. Within one of the pilot projects, the Municipality of Arnhem is looking for a turn-key contractor for an EPC-scope for an electrical energy storage system (ESS). The type of ESS technology is not specified and the technical requirements are agnostic defined to accommodate innovative energy storage solutions.

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Advanced Metering Infrastructure Program

City of North Miami, Deadline: extended to 25.01.2019
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

The City of North Miami, Florida, is hereby soliciting Proposals from qualified and experienced Firm(s) (“Proposers” or "Respondents") to manage the design, equipment supply, pilot study, retrofitting or replacement of existing water meters, field installation, system implementation, and optimization of an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Program to read the City’s water meters in an automatic and cost effective manner as well as reduce the City’s unaccounted for and non-revenue water (search by reference RFP # 12-18-19).

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Parking Management Application, Business Intelligence Platform, and Customer Support Services

City of Philadelphia, Deadline: 25.01.2019
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

The Philadelphia Parking Authority (the “Authority”) is soliciting written proposals from qualified Offerors for parking management technology, ticket processing and related services. There are three separate and distinct components of the procurement that may be provided under one contract by a single or multiple Offerors or by multiple Offerors under more than one contract. At its sole discretion the Authority will determine the most advantageous approach.

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Development of the Santander Smart Citizen Initiative

City of Santander, Deadline: 30.01.2019
(RFP, Country: Spain, Language: Spanish)

This project includes the development of a turnkey project that addresses the following components (hardware, software and professional services required):

  • Citizen card system
  • Dynamisation of the initiative
  • Mobile application Santander City
  • Citizen participation
  • Interactive technological spaces
  • System of communication with the citizen based on beacons.
  • Implementation of a multi-channel citizen service platform.
  • Development and implementation of CRM Citizen 360º.
  • Analysis of citizen behavior flows based on Big Data techniques
  • Control of people flow
  • Integration Bus
  • Supply and installation of hardware infrastructure

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Provison of a Cashless Parking Solution via Mobile Phone

City of Newcastle, Deadline: 30.01.2019
(RFT, Country: UK, Language: English)

Newcastle City Council require a suitable provider to deliver a cashless parking solution by way of mobile telephone payments in order to provide an alternative to traditional pay and display machines for both on and off-street parking.

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Comprehensive Downtown Parking Analysis

City of Los Gatos, Deadline: 31.01.2019
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

The Town of Los Gatos is issuing this RFP for a comprehensive study of the Town’s Downtown Parking. The study will include a full review of existing conditions, past parking discussions and policies, outreach to stakeholders, data collection and analysis, and suggested strategies for managing parking in the future.

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Comprehensive Operational Analysis of Public Transit Services

County of Yolo, Deadline: 01.02.2019
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

The Yolo County Transportation District (YCTD) is soliciting proposals from qualified firms or agencies to complete a Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA) of the District’s public transit services, funding, and administration policies and practices.

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West Sacramento Mobility Action Plan (MAP)

City of West Sacramento, Deadline: 01.02.2019
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

The City of West Sacramento is requesting professional services proposals from qualified respondents to provide transportation planning, community outreach and related services for the development of the West Sacramento Mobility Action Plan (MAP).

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On-Call Marketing for System Map, Route, Signage Design and Printing Services

City of Savannah, Deadline: 05.02.2019
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

Chatham Area Transit (CAT) is seeking proposals from professional firms with experienced cartographers on staff who can create and update public transit route schedules/timetables, route maps, system maps, passenger information signs and/or other wayfinding information. The successful vendor also should indicate if they have commercial printing capabilities or will be able to recommend reputable firms for printing.

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Smart Street Lighting Design and Technical Experts

City of Békéscsaba, Deadline: 05.02.2019
(RFT, Country: Hungary, Language: Hungarian)

Public lighting reconstruction and design and development of GIS system works for 10,681 luminaires.

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Smart City Platform Municipality of Hilversum

City of Hilversum, Deadline: from 07.02.2019
(PIN, Country: Netherlands, Language: Dutch)

The municipality of Hilversum is looking for a partner that is the Smart City Platform co-designs, realizes, maintains, develops and exploits, together with the municipality, residents, entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions.

At the start of the tender, the municipality of Hilversum expects the following minimum technical ability will be requested:

  • Experience with Smart Internet of Things applications;
  • Experience with working in the public space.

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Intelligent Traffic Management System

City of Delhi, Deadline: 11.02.2019
(EOI, Country: India, Language: English)

Delhi Police Traffic Unit intends to undertake Intelligent Traffic Management System for traffic management and operations. Expert advice as well as active implementation support through consultant is envisaged in the following fields: Strategy cum Conceptualization related services, Procurement related Services, Project Management, Project Monitoring and Reporting Support, Post Implementation Support.

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Public Electric Vehicle Charging Network

City of Vancouver, Deadline: 18.02.2019
(RFP, Country: Canada, Language: English)

The City is seeking a proponent to supply a turn-key solution that will help the City expand and renew its existing electric vehicle public charging network. As part of this turn-key solution, the selected proponent will be required to supply, provide electrical design services, install, operate and maintain up to 15 new Direct Current Fast Chargers (DCFC) ports and up to 35 new Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging ports at select locations across Vancouver between 2018 and 2021 as determined by the City. The City may procure additional equipment as, if, and when needed.

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Enhanced Meter Project

City of Columbus, Deadline: 22.02.2019
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

The City of Columbus Department of Public Utilities is seeking a single Contractor to supply, install, deploy, and configure the products, installation services, software and implementation services for an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution. The AMI solution will allow both the Division of Water (DOW) and the Division of Power (DOP) to collect meter readings and provide enhanced services for DOW’s approximate 300,000 customers/accounts and DOP’s approximately 13,500 customers/accounts. The DPU is the lead organization for this project.

The Contractor will be responsible for all aspects of the solution delivery including: project planning, solution configuration, AMI equipment supply, meter retrofit and replacement services, construction services related to chambers, network collector deployment, software setup, interface design and development, and solution testing.

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DMV Modernization Data Quality and System Integration Services

State of New York, Deadline: 28.02.2019
(RFP, Country: US, Language: English)

NYS Office of Information Technology Services is seeking to award a single contract to a responsive and responsible vendor to provide Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Modernization Data Quality and System Integration services.

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Smart Technologies for the Digitalization of Construction and Improvement in Facility Service Management

Spain, Deadline: -
(Business Opportunity for Startups, Country: Spain, Language: Spanish / English)

A Catalan construction & engineering company is launching a challenge to collaborate with disruptive startups providing solutions in 2 main areas: digitalization of construction and improvement in facility service management.

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Advanced Leak Detection Solutions for Water Loss Reduction

Israel, Deadline: -
(Business Opportunity, Country: Israel, Language: English)

An Israeli company specializing in advanced solutions for water infrastructure has developed innovative products to proactively monitor water networks, trace leaks and their locations using highly sensitive acoustic sensors, management software & mobile applications and is looking for distribution services agreements.

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