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In communicating and providing information, we can learn about your interests and provide you with content that is tailored to your needs based on a content profile. If you do not enter information about your interests, you will receive general information only. Thus, it is more beneficial for you if we know your interests and needs!

Smart city strategy or solutions?

Or both? Which topic meets your primary interest? Smart city strategy covers topics on how cities become smart and how strategies are implemented. Smart city solutions cover existing and new solutions that are implemented in cities around the globe. You will get free access to our new global solutions database.

Data protection is important to us

At bee smart city we care about your data and use it only to provide the best content and information to meet your individual interests and needs. We do not share your data with third parties. We allow companies and influencers to share their information via bee smart city. If you don't want to receive further information, do not hesitate contacting us. At your request, we will delete your address and profile.

Six main smart city indicators

We have categorized our content within six main smart city indicators. These are: Smart Living, Smart People, Smart Mobility, Smart Environment, Smart Government and Smart Economy.

Which of these smart city topics meet your interest and needs? Find out more about the six smart city indicators!

bee smart city strategy blog

Learn about how cities become smart and implement smart city strategies

Cities around the globe are becoming smart. However, they are following different strategic approaches and a "smart city" can be defined in different ways.

With our smart city stratgey blog, we shed light on the latest trends in terms of smart city evolution, strategic approaches, project implementation methods and the role of different stakeholders.


bee smart city solutions blog

We feature the best global solutions from vendors and cities

Our solutions blog covers solutions that help cities to provide better services, to increase government efficiency and to tackle major challenges with the ultimate goal of creating a more livable and prosperous city.

Across the six smart city indicators - Smart Living, Smart People, Smart Mobility, Smart Environment, Smart Government und Smart Economy - we help you to learn about suitable solutions to make your city smarter.

Smart City Solutions Database

We have released a unique smart city solutions database

We have created a unique solutions database, covering leading smart cities and solutions providers from around the globe.

Why? Because cities benefit from a transparent overview of best practice solutions to become smarter and from identifying best-suited solution providers. And companies that make cities smarter benefit from becoming more visible to cities around the globe with their newly developed or proven solutions for different smart city objectives.