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The number of smart city events - from smaller smart cities conferences to huge smart city expos and summits - has increased fast over the past years. This has made it even more difficult to get an overview of the most important and leading smart city events globally.

  • As a solution provider, do not miss out on top smart cities conferences to showcase innovative solutions, new products or to grow your network to generate new leads.
  • As a city or community, inform yourself about new smart city market developments, solutions and trends, and exchange lessons learned and best practices with like-minded municipalities or public sector institutions. 

With our smart city event listing, we help you to identify the most valuable smart cities conferences, expos and summits. As a partner of several leading events, we can also often provide you with discounts on attending or exhibiting at top smart city conferences and expos. Check out the premium events for discounts! We look forward to meeting you at one of the next upcoming smart cities events in person!

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December 12, 2019 - Zaragoza, SPAIN

EU Water Innovation Conference 2019

The European Commission aims to raise awareness about the need and urgency to improve water management across the European Union towards a water-smart society. This high-level event will feed innovators minds with best practices and innovative approaches at technical, governance and policy levels. The main target audiences of the EU Water Innovation Conference 2019 are high-level representatives of the public and corporate water sector in Europe and beyond. Attendees will include water managers, representatives of water authorities, launching customers (innovation demanders) from the private and public sector (cities, regions and EU Member States), water-using sectors and innovation providers. Furthermore, there will be participants from other sectors related to innovation development, uptake and financing.

December 12, 2019 - Espoo, FINLAND

EIT Digital Innovation Day 2019

EIT Digital Innovation Day is an event for dialogue around research-driven, market-oriented technological and business innovations. This year’s theme will be Trust and Security for Stronger Digital Europe. Trust and security are critical elements of digital services and systems ranging from industrial IoT solutions to social networks and digital citizenship.

EIT Digital Innovation Day to be organized now for the 8th time attracted more than 150 attendees last year; decision makers, industry experts, researchers and more. It serves as great opportunity and interactive platform for dialogue around research-driven, market-oriented technological and business innovations. In addition to the stage program we will have an exhibition showcasing EIT Digital partners, innovation activities as well as education activities.

December 16, 2019 - Casablanca, MOROCCO

African Technology Show (AFTS)

African Technology Show (AFTS) is a premiere African B2B Technology Platform for local, regional and global ICT Companies. The platform is tailored for ambitions global tech companies to engage with the local and regional African tech industry, investors as well as the governments in the region. AFTS gives the media partners the opportunity to engage with a large global and regional companies in these sectors:


January 22, 2020 - Brussels, BELGIUM

Connected Smart Cities & Communities Conference (CSCC)

Connected Smart Cities & Communities (CSCC) is the annual conference organised by Open & Agile Smart Cities. This is the place for cities, policy-makers, researchers, and businesses to come together and to connect to the forefront of human-centric societal development of technologies, markets, and policy in the 21st century. This year's conference theme "Scale with Us" reflects global initiatives - supported by institutional partners ranging from the European Commission to the G20 - to scale up urban digital solutions for better quality of life on our cities and communities. In four tracks – GREEN, PEOPLE, ECONOMY and TECH – innovative minds will learn and discuss how open standards and minimal interoperability mechanisms support cities and businesses alike to create an open and global smart city market for data and services based on cities’ needs.

February 11, 2020 - Fort Lauderdale, USA

The Smart City Event

Discover the nearly limitless potential of Smart Cities and how connected solutions will drive city wide improvements, better quality of life for residents and business opportunity for enterprises. Meet with peers, inside and outside your industry - reduce your time to market. Hear about advanced technologies that are driving opportunities in the Smart City sector. Explore key use cases in Smart City, Utilities, transportation and more.

February 13, 2020 - London, UK

Smart Cities UK

Smart Cities UK 2020 is now in its 5th year! To date we have engaged with over 2000 UK and European City & Town leaders! As we embark on the 5th Conference & Exhibition we will reflect on the progress made within the UK to date. We will examine the barriers which remain in place for economic & social growth addressing how we overcome them and by what means? Building on the Meeting City Challenges roadshow series and its findings we will pull the thoughts and opinions of attendees across the country to shape an agenda which reflects the current feelings towards defining what “Smart” means.

February 18, 2020 - Tel Aviv, ISRAEL


MUNI WORLD is an annual offline think tank, focused on brainstorming key challenges and threats facing Smart Cities. Mayors and senior officers from leading global cities get together to convene to reveal proven best practices and exchange expertise. The event will feature a 3-day special international program, focusing on areas pertaining to smart cities- innovation, environmental issues and approaches to urban planning, transportation, and a special exhibition and conference about the threats of urban terrorism on smart cities.

MUNI WORLD 2020 is an opportunity to learn and be exposed to the latest information and advancements in the industry while enjoying fascinating and extensive exhibition and fascinating tours of accelerators and startups in Israel.

March 11, 2020 - London, UK

Smart IoT

Smart IoT signposts how connecting things drives business value from connecting people, process, data and things. We are on the verge of global digital transformation as billions of unconnected devices become connected, allowing tapping into otherwise unused data, which is leading to a surge in value for the global economy. Whether you are trying to develop an entirely new connected product, or implement IoT technology within your own operation, the project should be led by customer needs and how can you use the IoT to deliver them. Smart IoT, led by case studies, the most current content and a vast array of suppliers exhibting, provides a market environment where this happens.

March 11, 2020 - Birmingham, UK

SMART WATER 2020 Conference & Exhibition

THE event for water industry innovators driving business change through smart technologies and processes. ONLY HERE CAN YOU:

  • Find out what smart technology priorities are for water companies in AMP7
  • Attend interactive workshops on leakage, data, digital twins and cyber security
  • Gain insight on the regulator’s expectations for digitalisation in 2020
  • Learn how AI, robotics and machine learning could benefit your industry

March 12, 2020 - Paris, FRANCE

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

Science and technology impact our daily lives, our societies, our planet. At Hello Tomorrow, we believe they should also serve them. Whether you're founder, an investor, corporate or academic, step into tomorrow at the Global Summit to a place where organ shortages no longer exist, our clothes are biofabricated and travelling thousands of miles across the planet takes just a few hours. Expand your perception of tomorrow through a program packed with visionary Keynotes and expert panels, and join the conversation with interactive sessions and immersive workshops to build your vision of the future with the deeptech community.

March 17, 2020 - Osaka, JAPAN

Smart Devices Symposium 2020

Smart Devices Symposium 2020 (SDS2020) will provide a platform for scientists, researchers and industrial experts worldwide to share technological advancements and business experiences. This international conference offers the business leaders, researchers and entrepreneurs around the world to meet and exchange ideas in research technologies, finding gaps in the devices technology development and collaborate for future business. It serves as a great opportunity to find global partners and build up research and business relations. The three-day conference is an effective series of activities such as Scientific Program, Exhibitions, Posters and Tours etc.

March 18, 2020 - London, UK

AI & Big Data Expo Global

The AI & Big Data Expo Global, the leading Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Conference & Exhibition event will showcase of next generation technologies and strategies from the world of Artificial Intelligence & Big Data, an opportunity to explore and discover the practical and successful implementation of AI & Big Data in driving forward your business in 2020 and beyond. With 4 co-located events, 21 conference tracks, 500+ speakers and 300+ exhibitors it will bring together forward thinking brands, market leaders, AI & Big Data evangelists and hot start-ups to explore and debate the advancements in Artificial Intelligence & Big Data, the impacts within Enterprise & Consumer sectors as well as Development platforms and Digital Transformation opportunities.

The AI & Big Data Expo will be co-hosted alongside the IoT Tech Expo, the largest global gathering for the Internet of Things sector, the Blockchain Expo and the Cyber Security & Cloud Expo.

March 19, 2020 - Copenhagen, DENMARK

Nordic Smart Cities 2020

Nordic Smart Cities conference offers you the opportunity to hear from 50+ speakers across 4 stages with over 800 minutes of content and networking. Whether you are interested in hearing from politicians, smart city project leaders, academia or industry then we have something for you.

March 24, 2020 - Taipei, TAIWAN


As artificial intelligence technology develops, the applications begin to play a key role in government delivery of citizen services. Smart cities are entering to a new phase of Smart City 2.0 by integrating AI as well as IoT technologies into services. SCSE is Asia-Pacific’s most comprehensive Smart City event, and the most prestigious IoT solution fair in Taiwan.

March 24, 2020 - Dubai, UAE

Annual Investment Meeting - Future Cities

Under the theme ‘Investing for the Future: Shaping the Global Investment Strategies’, AIM will gather high-ranking government officials, decision makers, corporate leaders, policy makers, businessmen, regional and international investors, entrepreneurs, leading academics and investment experts to address the global challenges of securing viable investment aimed at contributing to economic growth. AIM has evolved from assisting emerging economies to attract FDIs. On its 10th edition, AIM will embrace a bigger challenge of enabling economic growth through its five pillars - FDIs, Startups, Future Cities, SMEs, Foreign Portfolio Investment, and special event One Belt and One Road.

April 1, 2020 - Lisbon, PORTUGAL

URBAN FUTURE Global Conference

The URBAN FUTURE global conference is Europe’s largest event for sustainable cities. It’s the place to meet the most passionate and inspiring CityChangers from all over the world. Cities are key to a sustainable future of our planet. Massive changes are necessary to fight climate change and social inequalities. But is technology really the most relevant solution to driving change? We are convinced that it’s all about the people. Active, passionate and visionary decision makers – we call them CityChangers – are the ones who can make our cities more sustainable.

April 1, 2020 - Oklhaoma City, USA

2020 IEEE Annual Green Technologies Conference

How do we provide the reliable energy demanded by an environmentally sensitive world using all our energy resources in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner? This conference attempts to draw insights and encourage collaboration from many disciplines and backgrounds to address these challenges of Green and clean energy sources added to energy mix but also see challenges to the energy grid operations requiring active management of all the available energy sources to help build a resilient power grid. The 12th Annual IEEE Green Technology Conference hopes are to draw insights and encourage collaboration from the many disciplines with industrial collaborators in addressing these challenges.

April 1, 2020 - Mechelen, BELGIUM

Digital Transformation Conference

As a manager or marketer, you know like no one else how fast businesses are changing. You innovate, or you stay behind. This is why the fourth edition of the Digital Transformation Conference focussed on INNOVATION in all its different aspects: business strategies, customers, technology and the social impact these innovations have on our way of living. What do we offer? This conference will guide you on how to start innovating and will inspire you with the latest trends and insights.

April 3, 2020 - Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG

Arch Summit

Set in Luxembourg City, Arch Summit is the premier event for connecting tech startups with corporate decision-makers. Enabling the ambitious to take their business to the next level by allowing determined startups real time and direct introductions to Vodafone’s powerful network including Top C-level executives, partners, suppliers and customers. Arch brings together innovators and influencers in a dynamic 2-day programme of startup pitches, tailored meetings, keynote speeches, tech roundtables, and exhibitions on the latest in technology.

April 6, 2020 - Denver, USA

Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo

Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo offers the most comprehensive conference, exposition and accelerator of smart city innovation in North America. We deliver premium networking and educational opportunities with a keen focus on city leaders and their priorities. Working closely with the technology community, we bring together the largest collection of intelligent systems providers. We provide meaningful content and connect a thoughtful community of decision-makers to empower smart cities at all stages of growth. We accelerate the adoption of smart technology solutions, aid in problem solving, and amplify city resources for the betterment of cities, communities, and their citizens.

April 7, 2020 - Sofia, BULGARIA

seeSUSTAINtec - Smart Cities Section

We are pleased to announce that EE & RE, Smart Cities and Save the Planet are now combined into a new brand – seeSUSTAINtec. Over 15 years of focused work and expert background stand behind this change. We have decided that now is the perfect time to expand our event with new accents that would successfully complement the ever pressing matters of Energy, Waste and Smart Cities, which will remain as separately defined sections. Undoubtedly, everything around us is connected – climate change, pollution of the environment, the depletion of resources. As a result of this, the market for eco technologies keeps expanding. Our goal with seeSUSTAINtec is to achieve a positive “domino effect” – to make the event a place for popularizing a wider range of solutions, services and model examples, while also provoking a bigger interest in consumers and investors towards sustainable change.

April 12, 2020 - Dubai, UAE

26th GCC Smart Government and Smart Cities Conference

The conference will review and discuss the global successful e-Transformation efforts towards advancement and raising the level of Smart Government and Cities competencies particularly in the era, of 5G technologies, artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT and other advanced technologies: it has therefore become critically important to align with digital and knowledge transformation by developing progressive strategies and harmonizing the organizations towards 2020 and to work towards achieving the global competitiveness. Attention is also paid to newer challenges on how AI enables smart and connected resilient cities; how the power of data sharing and privacy protection can be balanced; and a realistic model of urban mobility and creating human-centric solutions for smart development. The conference discussions also are focused on new and emerging technologies for formulating the latest strategies of smart government systems and smart cities, strategies for developing advanced infrastructure and modernization of corporate governance along with smart services.

May 2, 2020 - Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC


The purpose of the 9th International Conference on Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems (SMARTGREENS) is to bring together researchers, designers, developers and practitioners interested in the advances and applications in the field of Smart Cities, Green Information and Communication Technologies, Sustainability, Energy Aware Systems and Technologies. The conference will focus on solutions for all aspects of green computing such as energy efficiency, carbon footprint reduction and cooling management. The tradeoffs between energy efficiency and performance have become key challenges that must be addressed in both, distributed and traditional performance-oriented infrastructures. Particularly relevant is the so-called Smart Grid technology, seeking to optimize distributed electricity generation, especially from renewable sources, and to promote the use of smart devices (including smart home and new vehicular energy approaches) that require further research on distributed communications, energy storage and integrations of various sources of energy.

May 6, 2020 - Lisbon, PORTUGAL

Portugal Smart Cities Summit

The concept "Smart Cities" encompasses more than mobility, digital platforms or sustainability. The fundamental objective of a Smart City is to incorporate all these areas in order to improve the lives of citizens in the world. The PORTUGAL SMART CITIES SUMMIT is the site of convergence and marketplace physical creating opportunities for national and international market. Explore opportunities linked to research and education that provide the creation of businesses in various sectors and reflect on the future of the organization of cities in the world.

May 18, 2020 - Milan, ITALY

Seeds & Chips

Every year since 2015, the Seeds&Chips Global Food Innovation Summit has brought together and expanded its ecosystem of young people, policymakers, entrepreneurs, institutions, startups, corporations, universities, accelerators and incubators, NGOs, investors and opinion leaders from all over the world. It takes just one small spark for the next big idea to catch on around the world. Setting the stage for big and small players to come together gives great minds the chance to make their voices count.

May 20, 2020 - New Delhi, INDIA

6th Smart Cities India 2020 expo

Since its launch in 2015, Smart Cities India expo has developed into Asia’s largest trade fair and conference on this subject. The event is organised by the India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) & Exhibitions India Group and is scheduled to be held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, from 20-22 May 2020. The expo will feature key verticals that make up the smart city framework of Smart Cities including Buildings, Solar, Transport, Water, etc.

May 28, 2020 - Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Smart Cities

Smart Cities is an annual conference hosted by Infrastructure Magazine. The event highlights the tools, technologies and people working to make our cities smarter, more efficient, better places to live. Hear from industry leaders, connect with colleagues and gain new ways of thinking about the cities of the future.

Truly smart cities have an established plan for what they want to achieve; and they use technology as the enabler for the changes they want to effect, rather than the reason for change itself. The smart city conversation has moved beyond the metropolis, and now relates to suburbs, neighbourhoods and towns as much as our biggest cities. We now understand that there’s as much work to be done at the micro level, as well as the macro level. Smart cities are moving their focus towards the wellbeing of community members as their key performance indicator, and are working to create functional environments that provide benefits for every citizen.

June 3, 2020 - Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC


URBIS SMART CITY FAIR brings a smart combination of a trade fair and an exclusive conference programme, where leaders in the field of Smart City will be introduced. In the course of two days dozens of representatives of Central European cities and municipalities and leaders in innovations will meet with one goal – to share experience, ideas and examples of specific solutions, how to correctly develop a Smart City concept in cities. Come and present your technology, vision and solutions, draw inspiration and bring new partners on board. Choose from a wide range of specific solutions that will make your town or municipality a nicer place to live. The event welcomes Leaders in Innovation, Suppliers of Solutions for Municipal Authorities, Start-ups, Region, Towns, Municipalities, Micro-regions and European Groupings and active citizens!

June 9, 2020 - Surabaya, INDONESIA

Indonesia International Smart City Expo & Forum

Indonesia has one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia and is one of the emerging market economies of the world. With the 98 cities and 416 regencies which now developing into smart cities, Indonesia will be the greatest Smart Nation country in the future. Indonesia International Smart City Expo & Forum 2020 is your entrance to take the vast opportunities to be the players in Indonesia promising smart city market. We invite you to join our common forum to share your innovative smart city ideas, studies, visions, products, projects and brands related to our plan to develop Smart Cities in Indonesia.

June 9, 2020 - London, UK

Smart to Future Cities

Smart to Future Cities is co-located with Smart Transportation and Mobility in the lead up to London Tech week. With shared keynotes, roundtables and exhibition you can expect enriched content, bigger speakers and more opportunity to connect to the smart city community. Listen to in-depth knowledge straight from thought leaders using data, IoT and AI for effective smart city solutions. Focussed on bringing practical, scalable solutions to local authorities with networking opportunities aimed around solving the specific issues your local authority is facing.

June 10, 2020 - Atlanta, USA

Smart City Expo Atlanta

Smart City Expo Atlanta convenes the world’s leading government officials, CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, venture capitalists, and innovators to build inclusive and prosperous 21st century communities. We are redefining what it means for a city to be “smart” with equity, prosperity, humanity, inclusion, and justice serving on par with blockchain, A.I., IoT, big data, and automation. Smart City Expo Atlanta is the only U.S. edition of Smart City Expo World Congress, the world’s leading conference and expo on smart cities and smart urban solutions.

June 11, 2020 - Paris, FRANCE


VivaTech is the world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation. It’s a gathering of the world’s brightest minds, talents, and products taking place in Paris. From top speakers and exhibitions to open innovation and live experiences, VivaTech is a celebration of today’s innovations and tomorrow’s possibilities for everyone who believes in the power of technology to transform business and society.

June 18, 2020 - Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

TNW Conference 2020

TNW is a two-day technology festival that brings together many of the best digital minds to predict, discuss and invent the future. Over the past 14 years, TNW has grown to be one of Europe’s leading technology events. TNW 2019 brought over 15,000 people to this festival for entrepreneurs, developers, marketing managers, CEOs, and over 3,500 companies from all over the world. Conference tracks and stages tie together inspiring keynotes from tech leaders, bestselling authors, futurists, and entrepreneurs. Some of the previous speakers included Guy Kawasaki, Tim Ferris, Nir Eyal, Larry Sanger, Gillian Tans, Alexis Ohanian, Julie Zhuo, Kevin Kelly, Casey Neistat, Anjali Sud, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ray Chan and many more.

June 24, 2020 - Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS


Mobility as a Service is set to revolutionise the sustainability efficiency and convenience of transportation systems. However, to make this a reality it is imperative that public and private stakeholders come together. 2020 is the year where Europe’s biggest cities are piloting major projects, regulating mobility and selecting long-term MaaS technology and operating partners.

With 300 attendees, and 50% from the public sector Impact>Mobility connects senior executives and decision makers to move the ecosystem beyond pilots, towards a profitable and scalable model for mobility. Forget big picture trends, it’s about the business realities of building and operating mobility services for both private and public stakeholders. Built around best practices, data strategies and case studies, it will focus on 3 key areas: Monetization & Partnerships ; Scalability & Operations and Ridership & Customer Experience.

July 1, 2020 - Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

IoT Tech Expo Europe

Europe’s leading IoT Conference Series; the IoT Tech Expo Europe will be exploring the latest innovations within the Internet of Things and covering the impact it has on many industries including Manufacturing, Transport, Supply Chain, Insurance, Logistics, Government, Energy and Automotive. The fifth annual Europe event will host 4 co-located events covering IoT, Cyber Security & Cloud, Blockchain and AI & Big Data, with 10,000 attendees expected to attend including CTO’s, Head’s of Innovation and Technology, IT Directors, Developers & Start-Up’s, OEM’s, Government, Automotive, Operators, Technology Providers, Investors, VCs and many more.

September 22, 2020 - Stavanger, NORWAY

Nordic Edge Expo

Nordic Edge Expo is a platform that brings together the different players in the field and encourages cross-sector cooperation. Always with one aim in mind: Find answers to the current and future challenges of different-sized communities. At Nordic Edge Expo you will learn from the best and acquire updated knowledge from decision makers from cities and municipalities, smart technology providers, change-making companies, start-ups, universities and dynamic organisations. You will meet investors, innovators and decision makers from both the private and public sector. Nordic Edge Expo is the ideal arena for showcasing your smart city solutions and attracting new partners and clients.

October 13, 2020 - Berlin, GERMANY


Cities are booming. The challenges are great. We need intelligent use of energy, secure data for citizens and administration, more voice and transparency in decisions. When designing the city of tomorrow to be liveable and sustainable, decision-makers, concepts and solutions are in demand. And geodata: Because without precise data on time and space there is no Smart City. SMART CITY SOLUTIONS provides inspiration for the city of tomorrow. Best practice, networking and innovations. Co-located with INTERGEO, the world's leading trade fair for geodata.

October 27, 2020 - Berlin, GERMANY

Smart Country Convention

The Smart Country Convention will take place at hub27, our new venue, which can be reached on foot from the CityCube and the nearest S-Bahn statio. There are many good reasons to attend Berlin's first large-scale event aimed at digitizing the public sector. The most important factor is obvious: digitization is in full swing – now it's time to make it work for your institution, government agency, or company. The Smart Country Convention is the right place to develop or test your digitization strategy. Discover pioneering ideas, new concepts and joint venture opportunities.

November 17, 2020 - Barcelona, SPAIN

Smart City Expo World Congress

The Smart City Expo World Congress is the leading event for cities, the place where the future of cities is discussed and the most inspiring ideas for exploring our urban future are brought to stage. Since its first edition in 2011, it has succeeded in becoming a referential global meeting point for governments, cities, businesses, startups, social innovators, research centers, universities, public and non-governmental organizations, social activists, and anyone with innovative ideas, research, analyses, studies, visions and solutions. It aims to strengthen capacities, increase collaboration and share inspiration for supporting the improved development of cities.

November 19, 2020 - Helsinki, FINLAND


What started as a gathering of 300 local founders in 2008, has become a community of true global magnitude, all in the name of uniting the tech communities to solve the most meaningful problems of our time. The mission of Slush: to create and help the next generation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs.

The event features two days full of stage program, in addition to several side events, talks at networking sessions, roundtable discussions and facilitated workshops. Our speaker line-up includes successful founders, top-notch investors, and other startup and tech influencers.