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Continued partnership: bee smart city and SMART CITY SOLUTIONS part of INTERGEO

By Anna Karika on Jun 7, 2019 2:43:55 PM

Cities and communities have to deal with an increasing amount of urban challenges every day that impact livability and prosperity, as well as their priorities and perspectives for future development. Decision-makers, concepts and sustainable solutions are sought after worldwide. Also, an important factor is geodata, as without precise information, many smart city solutions are simply unimaginable. 

bee smart city and SMART CITY SOLUTIONS part of INTERGEO continue their partnership in 2019. The topics covered in the conference include mobility and transport, energy and environment, security and resilience as well as open data and data management. With the help of use cases and technologies that enable the participants to think ahead and engage in meaningful discussions, the attendees will have great opportunities to network, explore the newest market innovations and get inspired.

To tackle the current challenges and be prepared for future development opportunities, the sharing of best practices among cities and communities is crucial, as it helps to be informed about new solutions that can be adopted and further advanced.

If you look for solution providers that are capable of providing tailored approaches and solutions, or if you are willing to build partnerships with cities for a joint journey towards a smarter city, you should not miss participating in the event.

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bee smart city and SMART CITY SOLUTIONS EXPO part of INTERGEO partner

By Thomas Mueller on Jun 25, 2018 1:07:56 AM

bee smart city and SMART CITY SOLUTIONS part of INTERGEO have signed a partnership agreement.

Today, cities and communities across the globe face massive challenges that impact their livability and prosperity: traffic, energy, water & waste management, pollution, healthcare, education, the digital economy as well as the efficient provision of government services are only a few examples of challenges that require specific smart city solutions. To tackle these challenges, but also to seize development opportunities, municipalities need to follow holistic and citizen-centric approaches. The sharing of best practices among cities and communities as well as being informed about new solutions is important for the creation, replication and adoption of suitable solutions in individual cities.

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