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Anna Karika

Anna Karika

Junior Manager Marketing & Sales at bee smart city


bee smart city partners with World Smart City Expo 2019

By Anna Karika on Sep 3, 2019 12:58:01 PM

bee smart city has partnered with Asia’s largest smart city conference and exhibition - World Smart City Expo. Continuing the partnership from last year, World Smart City Expo incorporates a variety of city-relevant events under a unified theme of smart city including ‘Smart City Summit Asia’ . The event is prominent and has been growing in 2019, as it is expected to receive delegations from more than 200 cities and 65 countries, altogether more than 20,000 individuals. That's 142% increase of visitors compared to the previous year.

The exhibition categories include: Smart Energy, Infrastructure, Sensor, Service, Home, Building, Mobility and Government related technologies. Top-level executives of world smart cities will talk about their city’s stories bonded with new technologies at the conference and there will be an international arena to meet leaders from global cities, companies, academia, and other associated parties.


Smart City Smart City Technology Conference People-Centric Smart Cities Seoul South Korea SCSA 2018 Smart Cities Summit Asia Exhibition KINTEX


Continued partnership: bee smart city and SMART CITY SOLUTIONS EXPO

By Anna Karika on Jun 7, 2019 2:43:55 PM

Cities and communities have to deal with an increasing amount of urban challenges every day that impact livability and prosperity, as well as their priorities and perspectives for future development. Decision-makers, concepts and sustainable solutions are sought after worldwide. Also, an important factor is geodata, as without precise information, many smart city solutions are simply unimaginable. 

bee smart city and SMART CITY SOLUTIONS part of INTERGEO continue their partnership in 2019. The topics covered in the conference include mobility and transport, energy and environment, security and resilience as well as open data and data management. With the help of use cases and technologies that enable the participants to think ahead and engage in meaningful discussions, the attendees will have great opportunities to network, explore the newest market innovations and get inspired.

To tackle the current challenges and be prepared for future development opportunities, the sharing of best practices among cities and communities is crucial, as it helps to be informed about new solutions that can be adopted and further advanced.

If you look for solution providers that are capable of providing tailored approaches and solutions, or if you are willing to build partnerships with cities for a joint journey towards a smarter city, you should not miss participating in the event.


Smart City Solutions Energy Open Data Smart City smart city solution database bee smart city Human-Centric Approach INTERGEO SCSEXPO Smart City Solutions Expo Security Mobility Environment Stuttgart Geodata Geo-Information Resilience Transport Data Management


bee smart city and Smart Cities New York continue their strategic partnership

By Anna Karika on Apr 23, 2019 6:25:32 PM

bee smart city and Smart Cities New York are continuing their strategic partnership to help cities and municipalities develop and become more prosperous and livable. Smart Cities New York is a global event based on the core principle that cities are Powered by People.

In 2019, it's time to address urban challenges and opportunities with the central theme “The Future Is Now.” 


Smart City Solutions Smart City smart city solution database bee smart city Human-Centric Approach Smart City Innovation SCNY Smart Cities New York Urban Innovation Livable Cities


bee smart city partners with IMPACT>MOBILITY SUMMIT 2019

By Anna Karika on Apr 15, 2019 6:09:10 PM

bee smart city is proud to partner with IMPACT>MOBILITY - the only conference in Europe to unite more than 200 private and public stakeholders and foster smart mobility development and confront the data monetisation, customer experience and many other challenges. With more than 15 hours of networking, over 30 speakers, and over 20 sessions the event will help building and strenghtening partnerships, developing platforms and integrated services that are suitable for the needs of modern and dynamic smart cities.

The IMPACT>MOBILITY event in 2019 covers four important themes: 

  • Data Platforms & Business Models,
  • The Road to Mobility as a Service,
  • Investment & Financing Mobility,
  • Last Mile & Connected Infrastructure,

each with useful content for all the stakeholder groups of mobility development - includng but not limited to city representatives, mobility service providers, telecoms and IoT platform providers, analytics platforms, as well as automakers and public transit authorities.


Smart Mobility Amsterdam Smart City Internet of Things (IoT) Smart City Technology Conference Smart Cities Last-Mile Urban Transportation Transportation Sustainable Urban Mobility City Infrastructure Mobility as a Service Mobility Revolution e-Mobility Impact>Mobility Summit

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