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U4SSC is one of the most extensive global initiatives in the field of Smart Sustainable Cities, serving as a multi-stakeholder platform for active collaboration of the private, public and finance sector, as well as cities and civil society to implement innovative smart urban solutions.

The U4SSC Implementation Program (U4SSC IP) is coordinated by the Organization for International Economic Relations (OiER) to help the private sector interact with UN agencies, governments and cities and to facilitate the allocation of resources directly in the assessment, development, and financing of smart sustainable city projects.

U4SSC IP is open to all cities, projects, stakeholders and activities related to Smart and Sustainable Cities, that can contribute to the achievement of the SDGs and especially Sustainable Development Goal 11: "Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable".

U4SSC IP is supported by 16 United Nations Organizations

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Be a Game Changer

A partnership with the United for Smart Sustainable Cities IP, the main global UN Sustainable City Program, supports your company taking a step further to realize your future vision to work towards achieving the SDGs and defining new scalable business streams. The UN Agenda 2030 reflects a profound change in the expectations that society has for business. Private sector action is the key to the successful implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Which UN partners are involved in U4SSC?

    U4SSC is managed by the Organization for International Economic Relations and coordinated by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat). In all, 16 UN organizations support the U4SSC IP.

  • What is the OiER doing?

    Established in 1947, the Organization for International Economic Relations (OiER), based in Vienna /Austria, has been a pioneer in the development and promotion of economic processes and international cooperation focusing on building partnerships and identifying trends in a global context and in addressing key future-oriented issues in areas of sustainability, innovation, communication, environment, energy and mobility. OiER holds a Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). In November 2018, OiER became the Geneva UN Charter Centre of Excellence on Smart and Sustainable Cities. Since 2012 OiER has been actively involved and developed the United Smart Cities program (USC) in cooperation with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) which led into chairing the U4SSC Implementation Program (see Press Release). OiER is placed in the center of the Innovation and Urban Development Nexus, facilitating partnerships and cooperation as core of its mandate.

  • How do I contribute to the SDGs as a U4SSC partner?

    As a partner, I contribute to the SDGs by...

    • supporting cities to assess their economic, environmental and socio-cultural performances and set priorities for action;
    • promoting the exchange of best practices among countries and cities engaged in the implementation of smart sustainable city activities;
    • encouraging cooperation among international, national and local stakeholders;
    • supporting the achievement of the SDGs at the city level by contributing within workshops events and activities.


  • How can I promote my activities?

    The U4SSC Implementation Program is transitioning from a membership platform to a recognition opportunity for leading companies across a range of sustainability and smart city issues. A company meeting the following criteria will be eligible for recognition through the program:

    • Participate in two or more events around the year
    • Showcase and share continuous leadership on sustainability and urban development issues, either/both through a history of engagement with the cities or recognition by a range of external sustainability performance assessments

Network of Excellence

Access to the global Network of Excellence for Smart Sustainable Cities through the United Nations’ U4SSC IP. Connect with UN agencies, governments, cities and companies. Invitation to networking opportunities through international events such as the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. Participation at selected U4SSC Co-Creation Labs events (Vienna, Austria / Alesund, Norway) and UN meetings to speak or showcase your solutions (exclusive: 2 complementary SCEWC Expo-Tickets).

  • What are the events I can participate in?

    The yearly official event calendar will be shared with partners after joining the U4SSC program including high level congresses, events and workshops such as the Smart City World Conference EXPO in Barcelona, the UNECE Geneva Day of Cities or the ITU Green Standards Week.


    Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona

    The world‘s leading event for cities, Smart City Expo World Congress provides a unique meeting point for the whole smart city ecosystem. Corporate leaders, public representatives, entrepreneurs, experts and academics from all around the globe come together to learn from each other, share experiences, talk about best practices, and open new paths for international collaboration. A 45,000 m2 marketplace where 844 global companies and organizations show the world their latest projects and engage with +21,000 professional attendees.


    ITU Green Standards Week

    The Green Standards Week acts as a global platform where policymakers, field experts, city planners, regulators, standards experts, civil societies, and among others can come together to discuss the role of frontier technologies in facilitating smart governance and smart sustainable cities. The event also aims to identify the standardization requirements that would accelerate the deployment these technologies and to raise awareness on the importance and opportunities, expediting the transition to smart sustainable cities and unlocking the potential of circular economy.


    UNECE Day of Cities

    The Day of Cities will bring together Mayors, urban managers and other key municipal practitioners for an exchange of views and knowledge sharing of good practices and successful planning strategies. In two round-tables, Mayors and Deputy Mayors will discuss approaches on how to create smart sustainable cities, focusing on ways to improve the quality of life of people and on improving efficiency of urban operations, services and competitiveness. 

  • What are my benefits as U4SSC partner?

    U4SSC partners will be invited upfront to all events and included in the communications.

    Moreover, tickets will be provided on request and shared with partners based on availability.

    U4SSC companies will enjoy the following unique benefits:

    • Opportunity to be profiled as part of learning opportunities for broader base of U4SSC
    • High profile on U4SSC communications and website
    • Consideration for speaking opportunities at U4SSC topic and UN events

High Level Stakeholder Interaction

Selected access to cities to showcase your business solutions, including personalized invitations to selected Smart Sustainable City Solutions events and workshops for local/national authorities and selected UN focus groups (subject to availability).

  • What are examples for UN Focus Groups?

    For U4SSC partners the program offers affiliate connections with Decision Makers, International Organizations and the United Nations to work in pre-defined and exclusive expert groups, global standard teams and working groups with a focus on future innovation such as “Environmental Efficiency for Artificial Intelligence and other Emerging Technologies”.

    Example: Emerging Technologies Focus Group (ITU): The Focus Group aims to provide guidance on the environmentally efficient operation of emerging technologies, as well as the influence of these technologies on the environmental efficiency of the broader ecosystem of information and communication technology (ICT). The Focus Group will curate and analyze research into the relationship between emerging technologies and environmental efficiency. This analysis will conclude with the delivery of Technical Reports and specifications to benchmark best practices and describe pathways towards a standardized framework to assess environmental aspects of the adoption of emerging technologies.

  • What is the framework and benefit of Smart Sustainable City Solutions events?

    U4SSC is organizing solution workshops for every city member after receiving the results of the official UN Smart City KPI Evaluation to start an effective matchmaking process.

    Based on the requirements, companies will have the opportunity to present their services/solutions directly to representatives and decision makers of the city to start the collaboration process.

    The invitation is on behalf of the city and will be coordinated by U4SSC and the OiER.


Global Solutions Platform

Be part of the leading global online platform and official U4SSC partner platform for Smart Sustainable Solutions, operated by bee smart city, with multiple functionalities to interact with cities and other stakeholders for showcasing and sharing your solutions.

  • What is the difference to other profiles on the platform?

    The U4SSC partner profiles will be highlighted on the platform by positioning the U4SSC Logo and pro-actively sharing content through the U4SSC Network (projects in the monthly newsletter, webinars, etc.).

    Furthermore, only U4SSC partner profiles will receive information about new cities and local governments joining the program as well as upcoming high-level networking events.

  • Is there an exclusive space for U4SSC partners?

    U4SSC and bee smart city want to provide a global platform with the best output for all stakeholders involved. Currently, there is no exclusive U4SSC space on the platform, but partners will be highlighted and supported with special services as mentioned in the partnership proposal.

    However, as part of extending the member benefits on the global solutions platform, features like an exclusive U4SSC group as well as other machtmaking functions are planned for the future and will be gradually added.

  • How can I promote my services/solutions the best way?

    U4SSC will support the promotion and showcasing of sustainable activities and projects within its network and stakeholder groups on an individual base (workshops, best practice sharing newsletter, communications on social media).

    To push activities on the matchmaking platform, bee smart city can provide services to boost your impact on your target group and support the approach through and on the platform. To find out more, visit the bee smart city services page.


Brand Positioning & Public Relations

Partnering with the United Nation’s Sustainable Cities program increases your brand positioning through inclusion in U4SSC IP global communications and public relations activities (offline & online). Usage of the U4SSC Implementation Program Logo.

  • What are the exact communication activities within U4SSC?

    Right at the beginning of the partnership U4SSC and the team of OiER are arranging a first kick-off meeting to define the roadmap of activities and timeline of publications planned within the company’s contribution to the program.

    Other activities are:

    • Creation of a standard press release (template provided) for your company to be shared within the U4SSC and UN partner network.
    • Announcement of the partnership and linkage to the press release in the monthly newsletter to U4SSC IP distributors.
    • Official information of the company to the UN network.
    • Storytelling + Presentation of the solutions on the U4SSC website.
    • Logo presence on the U4SSC + OiER websites as active U4SSC partner.
    • Provision of the U4SSC IP and OiER logo and guidelines to use.
  • Which other logos can I use?

    The U4SSC and OiER logo can be used for print materials as well as online communications (website, social media) provided that all brand guidelines are complied with.

    Furthermore, the OiER communications team will provide a specific communication guideline for using all the 16 United Nations agencies logos supporting the program.

  • Can I use the United Nations SDG Graphics?

    Each partner is allowed to use the SDG graphics for various communication activities (print and online). Due to the two available options (one including the UN logo and one without) OiER and U4SSC are providing a guideline map for the right usage of the graphics and linked logos/icons.

  • Where will the press release be shared (networks, target groups, etc)?

    The press release will be shared within the U4SSC network (10k + recipients) including press agencies, city stakeholders, local governments, global business partners, urban experts and academia.

    Moreover, U4SSC will inform all supporting UN agencies about the new partner and its solutions through a separate communication channel.

    Please note that contact details and mailing lists cannot be shared with partners due to strict data regulations the OiER and U4SSC program are committed to.

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