5 Citizen Engagement Solutions That Smart Cities Should Know

Jun 29, 2020 9:30:00 AM - Written by Jennifer Svedberg

Civic engagement is not only important for formal city planning processes, but it is at the core of digital urban transformation into smart and sustainable cities and communities. The most widely used ways of engaging citizens, town hall meetings and/or surveys (even with social media campaigns), leave citizen participation rates low and a majority of citizens in the dark about what is being done in their city.

Enabling citizens to provide opinions and feedback as well as to participate in decision making processes is the subject of this top list. Through new forms of urban governance and participation, cities and communities embrace the ability to collaborate with their citizens to co-create a better and smarter city for all.

Explore five leading citizen engagement solutions that aim to bridge the gap between local government, especially city planners, and citizens.

Maptionnaire Citizen Engagement Solution | bee smart city

1. Maptionnaire: Online Community Engagement

Maptionnaire is a map-based survey tool which facilitates simple and effective public participation. It is widely used by smart cities, e.g. by the cities of Denver, Helsinki and Stockholm, to receive feedback and insights from residents. Maptionnaire enables the collection, analysis and visualization of map-based data, and it can be used for citizen co-design in city planning and urban development projects where preferences and opinions of residents are valuable to achieve better results.

2. Civocracy: Participation Platform for Community Engagement

Civocracy's digital participation platform gives cities the ability to connect with their citizens via various means and efficiently run citizen participation and collaborative governance projects. Direct communication of project news, surveys, the ability to discuss projects and/or get ideas for new projects from citizens, as well as participatory budgeting are just some of the features available on the platform. Civocracy also enables cities to get insight into the participation analytics in real time. Cities like Amsterdam, Nice, Strasbourg, Potsdam and Monheim am Rhein use the platform.

3. illico by NeoLedge: Citizen Relationship and Process Management 

This cloud-based platform enables citizens to report more directly to the city what may be wrong in the city, such as broken street lights or road signs etc., but it also provides cities with a full citizen relationship management and process management solution to automate processes and centralize documents in a paperless way. Essentially, illico by NeoLedge is an all-in-one citizen relationship tool for city management based on streamlined digital processes. The platform is used by cities like Paris, Saint-Étienne and Choisy-le-Roi.

illico Citizen Relationship and Process Management Solution | bee smart city

4. CitizenLab

To quote CitizenLab: "If citizens don't come to your town hall...we bring the town hall to your citizens." The CitizenLab citizen engagement platform helps cities in efficiently reaching their citizens and gaining their input and needs, enabling the cities to manage the input and being able to make decisions based on real-time data. Through the platform, city officials spend less time processing citizen input, giving way for faster and more efficient decision-making to create the city that the residents want. CitizenLab has helped 100+ cities and local governments - e.g. the cities of Paris, Leuven, Vancouver, Brussels or Liege - achieve their community engagement goals in a wide range of urban planning projects.

5. Civy: Engaging Citizens

By using Civy's cloud-based citizen engagement platform, cities are able to be even more directly connected with their citizens in order to foster civic engagement. Citizens can enjoy having their voices heard under a veil of confidentiality and security for free (subscription fee for the city) and cities can get the data they need in order to make better and smarter decisions to improve their city.

Explore these top 5 and more civic engagement solutions in detail in the leading smart city solution network and community. The global bee smart city platform features hundreds of further solutions for smart cities and makes it easy to connect directly with solution providers and cities. Join thousands of smart city enthusiasts and experts today!


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Jennifer Svedberg

Written by Jennifer Svedberg

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