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Current Tenders

Municipal Bicycle Service

Deadline: October 3, 2022 Issued by: City of Arteixo
Type: Country: Spain Language: Spanish

The purpose of this contract is the supply of elements for the provision of the municipal bicycle sharing service (conventional and electric assistance bicycles). The system will have a minimum fleet of 100 mechanical bicycles and 35 electric bicycles and 5 bike stations, which may be extended. The bike stations will be installed by the contractor. There will be 3 types of stations:

  1. Main station with a recharging system for the batteries of the electric vehicles and a protective canopy.
  2. Secondary station with a recharging system for the batteries of the electric vehicles and
  3. Local stations that will only have docking points for the bicycles.

In addition to the above elements, the system will also include bicycle parking modules, signalling elements and a computer application for the management of the system.

GIS Platform

Deadline: October 3, 2022 Issued by: Stockholm Region
Type: Country: Sweden Language: Swedish

The Transport Department is asking for a common GIS platform, which can meet the different needs of its operations (ranging from specialist to generalist users and geodata management/provision). The GIS platform should provide users with an overview of the entire public transport system, i.e. the ability to access, analyse and visualise different data layers according to the user's needs in the current societal context. The GIS platform will support the activities of creating a structured storage of spatial operational data, data set management and data sharing, according to international standards. The GIS platform shall also act as an information provider of spatial data to other business systems and services and provide APIs to enable integrations with other internal business systems, where there is demand for the map component (data set or function).

Digital Twins Applied to the Management of Municipalities

Deadline: October 3, 2022 Issued by: City of Ponferrada
Type: Country: Spain Language: Spanish

The purpose of the contract is to carry out a pilot project for the design, implementation and commissioning of a digital twin of Ponferrada City Council and its application to a limited number of processes, from the sole perspectives of monitoring and simulation, with the aim of demonstrating the capacity of this technology to improve public services and its subsequent application to the automation of processes. This project is considered a "turnkey" project, i.e. the proposals must include all the work, services and elements necessary to implement the systems described. The solution is proposed as a platform as a service (PaaS) which will be used to design, implement and execute the digital twins. At least one use case and a maximum of five use cases must be implemented for the application of the digital twin technology.


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