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Definition and Implementation of Multimodal Mobility Projects and Strategies

Deadline: May 16, 2022 Issued by: Metropolis Rouen Normandie
Type: Country: France Language: French

The Rouen Normandy Metropolis comprises 71 municipalities covering 660km². In 2021, it had a population of nearly 500,000. At the heart of this vast territory, the inhabitants of the Metropole alone generate 1.7 million daily trips. Although the public transport network is well developed in the urban centre, the private car remains the preferred mode of transport in all the suburban (50% to 70% of journeys) and rural (90% of journeys) areas. The result is the difficulty of finding a territorial balance, and the absence of a single solution to meet all travel needs. In this context, the objective of this framework agreement is to provide services relating to:

  1. The opportunity and feasibility of public transport lines (bus, express lines, BHNS, tramway, etc.) at different time horizons
  2. The opportunity and feasibility of the evolution of the rail infrastructure and the integration of regional rail services in the metropolitan mobility strategy
  3. The opportunity of new Low Emission Mobility Zones (LEZ-m) or extension of the existing LEZ-m
  4. The evolution of the main roads serving the metropolitan centre (capacity reductions, reserved and/or shared lanes, express TC lines, etc.)
  5. The definition and implementation of a metropolitan strategy for multimodal parking, above-ground, in structures and in P+R
  6. The definition and implementation of a metropolitan strategy for urban logistics/last mile, both for professionals (B2B) and individuals (B2C)
  7. The definition and implementation of a metropolitan strategy for the development of cycling mobility
  8. The definition and implementation of a metropolitan strategy for the collective use of the individual vehicle (reserved lanes, car-sharing, car-pooling, collaborative hitchhiking...)
  9. The operation of the multimodal travel model of the metropolis
  10. The evaluation strategy of mobility projects and policies, ex ante/ex post
  11. The strategy for quantitative/qualitative surveys on the mobility of people or goods for the purposes of evaluating mobility projects and policies

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Installation and Commissioning of Smart Parking Systems

Deadline: May 16, 2022 Issued by: City of Hasselt
Type: Country: Belgium Language: Dutch

The contract consists of the following components, which are inextricably linked and intertwined:

  1. The technical equipping of the car park with the proposed parking systems and facilities, as well as the infrastructural layout of the entrances to the car park and to the sub-areas belonging to the car park
  2. Supplying, commissioning and managing a parking management system with e-portal which makes it possible to monitor and manage the use of the car park, the performance of the parking systems, customer contacts, parking products such as subscriptions and vouchers, parking income, parking reservations, etc. A link with the dynamic traffic management system of the city of Hasselt will also be realised. Furthermore, smart parking solutions for the Cultural Centre and interfaces to integrate with third-party systems have been requested as a required option
  3. Full service and maintenance including the 24/7 operational parking management

Local Mobility Studies

Deadline: May 16, 2022 Issued by: Region of New Aquitaine
Type: Country: France Language: French

The Mobility Orientation Law (LOM) is redrawing the landscape of French mobility. The tools and measures introduced by this law are unique and new, but they provide answers to the crucial issues generated by everyday travel. As part of the process of implementing the law, the Region wishes to carry out local mobility studies to understand the travel dynamics specific to these territories where car use is omnipresent due to the lack of sufficiently adapted solutions. Local mobility studies are precisely a solution for making local actors aware of the issues and travel needs that are specific to them. The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region is coordinating the execution of studies in the mobility basins. This framework agreement comprises three lots, divided into large geographical areas.

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