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Current Tenders

Climate Smart Cities Challenge

Deadline: September 19, 2021 Issued by: UN-Habitat
Type: Country: Several Countries Language: English

The purpose of the call for proposals is to solicit proposals from interested non-profit and/or civil society organizationsto provide technical support the project “Climate Smart Cities Challenge’, a city-based open innovation initiative that invites technologists, businesses, innovators and investors to develop, test and scale cutting-edge solutions in a specific city or set of cities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to making these cities more climate smart. UN-Habitat is working with the cities of Bogotá (Colombia), Bristol (United Kingdom), Curitiba (Brazil) and Makindye Ssabagabo (Uganda) to develop a deep understanding of stakeholder and community needs, climate challenges faced by the city and set incentives to identify innovative climate smart solutions. UN-Habitat is now looking for a non-profit organization to lead the innovation competition phase of the project. Applicant organizations should wish to participate as a partner in the Climate Smart Cities Challenge and should be able to contribute complementary in-kind resources (human resources, knowledge, funds, in-kind contributions, supplies and/or equipment) to achieve the common objectives of the project as outlined below and subsequently agreed in an Agreement of Cooperation between UN-Habitat and the organization. This call for proposals is addressing organizations that are specialized to carry out innovation management, challenge-driven innovation, challenge prizes and communications and who can take the lead on the innovation competition.

Transport Management System

Deadline: September 19, 2021 Issued by: Municipality of Lund
Type: Country: Sweden Language: Swedish

The contract is for a transport management system to coordinate the transport of around 275 students with around 30-40 changes and cancellations each day. The aim is to promote efficient transport management with scheduling, changes and communication, as well as the effective execution of transport, by means of a transport management system that operates in an efficient and user-friendly manner. The system must be a cloud-based system and it must be in Swedish, including all information related to the use of the system, such as additional descriptions of services, manuals, etc. The system delivered shall be user friendly and there shall be a flow when booking and registering. Users should be required to use few mouse clicks and have the ability to tab through, use keyboard shortcuts and quick buttons. The offeror is responsible for ensuring that the Service has at least location-based geographical information in the form of current maps, addresses, municipal boundaries, county boundaries, towns, urban areas, road networks including speed data. The service shall provide the possibility of dynamic geography, it shall be possible to insert rush hours, change routes temporarily (reroutes), change driving time factor.

Development of Infrastructure to Support the Express Bicycle Network

Deadline: September 20, 2021 Issued by: Grand Lyon Metropolis
Type: Country: France Language: French

The purpose of this framework agreement is to carry out all or part of the project management services relating to the implementation of studies and works on infrastructures or public spaces supporting the Bicycle Express Network (REV). The contractor's attention is drawn to the fact that the assignment may concern the entire territory of the Metropolis of Lyon in a wide variety of contexts (dense urban environment, suburban environment, etc.). The Bicycle Express Network (REV is a flagship project. The aim is to build a new alternative transport network for the whole of the Metropolis that will enable cycling to triple by 2026. In order to achieve this objective, the creation of the REV will make it possible to remove the first obstacle to the development of cycling, which is the safety of travel. The REV will consist of separate tracks which will make it possible for people to travel by bicycle in complete safety. This new network will also meet the public health challenges of combating sedentary lifestyles and improving air quality. It will contribute to a better sharing of the city, as the lack of safe cycling infrastructure is a particular obstacle to women and children. Finally, the Bicycle Express Network will be a place for implementing the public policies of the Metropolis of Lyon in terms of vegetation for shade, biodiversity, reduction of heat islands and a permeable city.

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