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Noise Consultancy Services

Deadline: April 19, 2021 Issued by: Electricity Supply Board (ESB)
Type: Country: Ireland Language: English

The contractor intends to set up a framework contract for the provision of noise consultancy services to inform the modelling and assessment of its proposed developments and to facilitate the management of the noise impact of its activities and services in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) and the United Kingdom (UK). ESB Group activities and services relate primarily to the development and operation of generating stations (thermal and other), hydro facilities, wave, wind, solar and biomass facilities and the building and maintenance of the electricity transmission and distribution networks and associated infrastructure in the ROI and the UK. ESB Group also own and operates a telecoms network throughout the island of Ireland. The scope of the noise consultancy services will be provided in two lots: 1) Onshore noise consultancy services; and 2) Offshore noise consultancy services. Although an indicative list of tasks to be carried out is included in the documentation, tenderers should note that the detailed scope and contracting strategy for each project will be determined at the mini-tender stage.

Promotion of e-Mobility

Deadline: April 19, 2021 Issued by: European Commission
Type: Country: Belgium Language: Official EU languages

The European Green Deal includes a train of policy initiatives to address the challenges identified, one of which focuses on renovation of buildings: the ‘Renovation Wave’. The Renovation Wave takes the form of a strategic communication, with an integrated approach across policy areas. It will seek to establish an action plan with concrete measures to address the main barriers and to reinforce the pull factors for faster and deeper renovation, gradually triggering at least a doubling of current renovation rates and reducing the greenhouse gas footprint. As part of this initiative and in conjunction with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), one aim is to drive smart technologies in buildings, digital and data aspects, promoting and strengthening the use of digital tools to improve the durability and adaptability of buildings and ensure optimal operation and maintenance of buildings and their systems. In this context, the objective of the tender is to identify lessons that can be learned from existing legislative and non-legislative measures, including the EPBD, to support the integration of electromobility infrastructure into the EU building stock and promote the use of electric vehicles. The lessons learnt and conclusions from this study will support the development of future policy. They will also inform the Commission in the preparation of the reporting to the European Parliament and the Council on the potential contribution of a Union building policy to the promotion of electromobility. The objectives of the service contract are to provide support to the European Commission to gain a better understanding on:

  1. The current state-of-play: based on available information and focused interviews, identify relevant legislation at EU and Member State level, state of deployment of recharging infrastructure in buildings.
  2. Existing good practices for the successful promotion of deployment and use of recharging points in buildings. Best practices also in non-EU countries, such as Norway, or opportunities overlooked, may be relevant in this respect.
  3. Existing physical, regulatory, practical barriers for a swift uptake of recharging points in buildings.
  4. Lessons to be learned: assess the strengths and weaknesses of the market and legislative framework with respect to the deployment of recharging points and ducting infrastructure in buildings, critically assessing the role of the EPBD and related tools in this regard.
  5. Possible future actions, analysing the relevance, feasibility, particular design features and options, cross-relation of market sectors and possible scope of measures at EU-level for the promotion of charging points infrastructure in buildings. On that basis select policy options and analyse their related potential impacts.
  6. Stakeholder view: through an engagement process gather the views of different market actors, both on the current state-of-play and future developments with respect to recharging points in buildings, with particular attention to obstacles encountered by early EV users.

Operation of the Bike Sharing System

Deadline: April 19, 2021 Issued by: City of Mladá Boleslav
Type: Country: Czechia Language: Czech

The subject of the public contract is to ensure the operation of shared bicycles Mladoboleslavsko 2021-2024. The aim is to develop an alternative mode of transport in the form of bicycle transport in the territory of the town of Mladá Boleslav and its vicinity in the form of a functional system of public bicycle sharing. This involves ensuring the operation of the public bicycle sharing system on the territory of the Statutory City of Mladá Boleslav, the town of Kosmonosy and the municipality of ?epov, including the operation of a web and mobile application enabling the use of the bicycle sharing system. The provider will place at least 160 bicycles and 15 electric bicycles in the Mladá Boleslav region (of which 110 bicycles and 8 electric bicycles in the cadastre of the town of Mladá Boleslav, 40 bicycles and 7 electric bicycles in the cadastre of the town of Kosmonosy and 10 bicycles in the municipality of ?epov). The Provider is obliged to ensure that at all times at least the above number of bicycles is in working order. The bicycles provided will be new or used urban bicycles with a uniform color design and marked with the Provider's logo, with GPS and three-speed gear shifting, allowing the bicycle to be locked without the need to be "strapped" to a fixed object, with an adjustable saddle without the need for an external tool and a basket located in the front of the bicycle. A monthly report will be prepared and every 3 months, the supplier will present the results at the client's office.