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Current Tenders

Delivery and additional services for parking systems

Deadline: May 23, 2022 Issued by: Municipality of Nissewaard
Type: Country: Netherlands Language: Dutch

The object of the tender concerns

  1. The delivery, installation, preparation and Maintenance of new Equipment for Parking Facilities of the Municipality of Nissewaard
  2. Supply, installation and maintenance of the Equipment
  3. Training the employees (of or on behalf of) the Client who perform the 1st line maintenance on the Equipment
  4. Each Parking Facility is connected to a central (SaaS) Parking Management System to which the Equipment present in the Parking Facility is connected
  5. It must be possible to remotely control the Equipment in each Parking Facility from a Management Room and also from a Remote Central Control Room
  6. The scope of the Agreement is described in the Price Form
  7. The Contractor will maintain the PMS and PA for the duration of the Maintenance Agreement, ie ensuring that the said Equipment works in accordance with the agreed functionality

For further information please look into the tender documents.

General eHealth platform

Deadline: May 23, 2022 Issued by: Municipality of Nordre Follo
Type: Country: Norway Language: Norwegian

The Nordre Follo Municipality would like to make a total procurement of a general platform (SaaS) for patient signalling and other welfare technology, with the procurement of the accompanying alarms, sensors, and other equipment that covers the need of inhabitants at home and in the municipality's institutions, welfare accommodation, and other relevant municipal residential offers. It must be possible to expand the platform with new welfare technology systems, as well as other health technology in the future. Particular weight will be put on the following areas:

  • Inhabitants and employees in the municipality shall experience a continuous, predictable, and efficient service. This is to be achieved by collaboration between the actors being digitalised to the greatest possible degree, and by a uniform approach to the choice of technology that makes it possible to use the same technology in at home and in residences with staff
  •  Inhabitants must receive the correct help as soon as possible after an enquiry. This means that the technology used by inhabitants must be able to describe the real situation in the best possible way. This also means that the technology is user friendly and suitable for all user groups
  • The municipality will use this procurement to from a foundation to expand and develop a uniform service offer around welfare technology. The inhabitants in the municipality must have modern, efficient, and good services supported by welfare technology, at the same time that employees have the fewest possible administration systems/side systems to deal with
  • The municipality would like to make use of historical data in a data warehouse, where the municipality itself can make its own reports and build a dashboard based on its own needs. The municipality can see data connections and make use of welfare technology in an efficient way by using an analysis tool

For further information please look into the tender documents.

Study on the European Nuclear Energy Ecosystem

Deadline: May 23, 2022 Issued by: European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy (ENER)
Type: Country: Luxembourg Language: English

The proposed study will assess whether the current ecosystem of the European nuclear energy sector is fit for the longer-term prospects of carbon neutrality of EU's energy system. This study should evaluate the degree of readiness of the EU nuclear sector (utilities, designers, equipment manufacturers, regulatory authorities, etc.) to face the forthcoming challenges and opportunities in such a way as to enable it to safely contribute to the decarbonisation of the EU energy system at EU and Member State levels from now until 2050. Particular focus of the study would however be on the period up to the early 2030s in view of the urgent actions that need to be taken in this field. The study should provide an in-depth analysis of sectoral (nuclear energy industry), macroeconomic and commercial data (GDP, employment, financing models for new build, fiscal parameters, industrial capabilities, export/import value added, R&D and education/vocational training, etc.).

For further information please look into the tender documents.


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