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Current Tenders

Market consultation PAC/OMS services for the police - Alarm-monitoring services

Deadline: January 17, 2022 Issued by: Netherlands Police
Type: Country: Netherlands Language: Dutch

The police are preparing for the tendering of alarm notifications from the integrated Police Control Room Systems (GMS) to the Public Reporting System (OMS). These forward/alarm messages are currently received by various service providers at their Private Alarm Center (PAC). They ensure that the alarm messages are sent to the right place, so that the necessary alarm follow-up can be carried out by the relevant authority (fire brigade, police, security, picket) including the management of the associated telephone lines. The police strives for the greatest possible European competition. To this end, further insight is desirable into the possibilities offered by the European market.

Intelligent Public Lighting System

Deadline: January 17, 2022 Issued by: Municipality of Cluj-Napoca
Type: Country: Romania Language: Romanian

The subject of the contract is the supply and installation of the products necessary for the implementation of the project "Intelligent public lighting system in Cluj-Napoca to decrease the effects of greenhouse gases". Through the implementation of the project, the following aspects are pursued:

  1. Increasing the energy efficiency of public lighting systems.
  2. Improving the quality of the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the use of LED lighting fixtures that result in high energy efficiency.
  3. Modernisation of public lighting systems by replacing high energy-consuming luminaires with LED luminaires, as well as the purchase and installation of dimming/control systems that allow the regulation of the luminous flux.
  4. Decrease of the annual consumption of primary energy in public lighting (kWh/year) and
  5. Decrease in estimated annual greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 equivalent tonnes).

Supply, Installation and Operation of Automation and Telemetry Systems for Leak Control and Water and Energy Savings

Deadline: January 17, 2022 Issued by: Ministry of Rural Development and Food
Type: Country: Greece Language: Greek

Installation and operation of new automation systems, as well as modern equipment for remote control of water and energy savings through the control of leaks in the entire irrigation network of TOEB NIGRITAS, as described below:

  1. One (1) system of automation, remote control of irrigation network consisting of the following parts: - Five (5) Local Irrigation (Control) Stations (TSA) and sixty one (61) Flow Measuring Points (closed) pipeline (SMPAK) for the monitoring of all critical parameters (supply, pressure, level, quality characteristics) in its infrastructure irrigation network of TOEB NIGRITA - One (1) Central Control Station (KSE) - Supply, installation and commissioning of two (2) telemetric Agro-meteorological Network Stations - One (1) Portable Control Station (LSF).
  2. Supply, installation and commissioning of one thousand (1,000) electric Water Pumps.
  3. Supply, installation and commissioning of a cathodic protection system in the outlet pipes of the pumping stations for the corrosion protection of the network.
  4. The KSE will include the following subsystems and applications: a. The installation of a SCADA Central Control System that aims at the collection of all data from the local facilities and their total processing for the immediate and global presentation of water balances, the management of the system under water regime, water quality control, data analysis for inventory management, strategy formulation, demand forecasting, support for water resources decisions and operating rules. b. The development and implementation of an appropriate hydraulic strategy and detailed simulation model and the redesign of new feed and leak control zones in order to improve the feed, support management decisions and analysis of alternatives with a more rational irrigation system.
  5. Communication network for the telecommunication of the Local Irrigation Stations (control) (TSA) and the Hydrostations with the KSE consisting of the necessary communication material and software.
  6. There will be a test operation of the entire system, as well as its smooth and trouble-free operation for a period of two (2) months from the date of its commissioning and on a twenty-four hour basis with simultaneous observance of the control, measurement and maintenance programs, which will delivered to the Service.
  7. Training of the staff of the Service during the 2 months trial operation in the operation, maintenance, repairs, observance of measurement programs etc. of the supply, as well as the supply of the respective complete programs, books, manuals, spare parts lists and instructions for the correct, orderly and long-term operation of the system.


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