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Current Tenders

Delivery and installation of solar street lights in the Steinfurt district

Deadline: November 24, 2021 Issued by: Kreis Steinfurt
Type: Country: Germany Language: German

The district of Steinfurt as well as the cities and municipalities of Metelen, Neuenkirchen, Ochtrup, Rheine, Steinfurt and Wettringen have developed the project "Triangle - The fast, climate-friendly 3-corner cycle path in the district of Steinfurt". With the "triangle" a fast and safe bike path connection between the city and town centers will be created over a total length of around 60 km. The aims of the project are to promote everyday cycling by improving the cycling network, which has so far been used for tourism, as an essential contribution to climate protection, to the development of a new mobility culture, to increasing the quality of life by reducing pollutant emissions as well as promoting health care through increased cycling, among other things The focus of the measures is on the networking of individual existing routes (which mostly run on former rail lines), the acceleration of bicycle traffic, especially at junctions, and the increase in quality standards along the routes. The triangle is upgraded to a fast cycle path connection, a so-called cycle priority route (Veloroute). As part of the "Triangle" project, the cycle path connections are illuminated within the localities and outside at possible danger points such as crossings with motor vehicles or where the paths are also used as school routes. As part of this "Triangle" project, it is intended to set up solar lighting in the area of ​​independent cycle paths. The cycle paths are located in the areas of several municipalities in the Steinfurt district. In addition to route lighting, individual lights are set up at various points to illuminate special points. The advertised services include the delivery and installation of the solar lights.

On Street Parking Management System

Deadline: November 24, 2021 Issued by: North Sydney Council
Type: Country: Australia Language: English

Council is seeking solutions for a new holistic On Street Parking Management System which includes the following associated systems. The proposal will encompass 7 key systems outlined in the EOI documentation:

  1. On street parking management system.
  2. Parking meters.
  3. Solution can be one or a combination of parking bay, vehicular monitoring, parking sensors, cameras or mobile LPR.
  4. Parking app smart device parking application.
  5. e-Permits system for Council's resident parking scheme, visitor parking scheme & contractors.
  6. Cash collection services and
  7. Local & remote support performance based.

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Supply of Sensor Systems, Management and Development Platform and Data Portal for Monitoring Events

Deadline: November 24, 2021 Issued by: Ourense Provincial Council
Type: Country: Spain Language: Spanish

The purpose of the contract is the supply and installation of sensors and equipment for measuring different variables in order to offer a living laboratory (Living Lab) with sensor measurements and actions on various equipment, designed for the SMEs themselves as validation sites and demonstration centres in order to convince potential financial partners and customers. The successful bidder will be responsible for carrying out the sensorisation of public services for as many elements as are tendered. The sensorisation involves the purchase, configuration, installation, connection, and maintenance of sensors/actuators, as well as the provision and maintenance of a developer's kit. The elements will be installed in the living laboratory located in the Ourense Campus of the University of Vigo and in the 10 spaces, access areas and electrical panels of the Ourense Provincial Council palace. In addition to the sensors, the proposal must include the integration into the existing management and control platform of the Provincial Council (Smart City), as well as an open data portal that stores the processed information.


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