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The number of smart city events - from webinars and smaller smart cities conferences to huge smart city expos and online/offline summits - has increased fast over the past years. This has made it even more difficult to get an overview of the most important and leading smart city events globally.

  • As a solution provider, do not miss out on top smart cities conferences to showcase innovative solutions, new products or to grow your network to generate new leads.
  • As a city or community, inform yourself about new smart city market developments, solutions and trends, and exchange lessons learned and best practices with like-minded municipalities or public sector institutions. 

With our smart city event listing, we help you to identify the most valuable online and offline smart cities conferences, expos and summits. As a partner of several leading events, we can also often provide you with discounts on attending or exhibiting at top smart city conferences and expos.

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September 21, 2021 - Hybrid Event


As a new communication platform integrated into INTERGEO, SMART CITY SOLUTIONS focuses on the digitalization of the city as a living space. At SCSEXPO, taking place from September 21-23, there will be discussions, impulses and ideas for urban planners, architects and technology groups, as well as the presentation of pioneering concepts from all over the world and from a wide variety of sectors.

INTERGEO is the leading international trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management, focusing on groundbreaking developments and projects in a dynamically developing geo-IT sector.


September 22, 2021 - Online Event

The Future of Infrastructure in Smart Cities

Cities are undergoing a dramatic transformation as part of the fourth industrial revolution. They are increasingly using digital technologies to respond to the spread of urbanization and the huge range of challenges related to this trend. Cities can greatly benefit from attractive city districts that shape the lives of people and communities, the success of businesses, and the health of the world around them with the help of smart infrastructure. This will only be made possible by improving a city’s efficiency, and this requires the integration of infrastructure and services. That is the reason why efficient infrastructure is the key for smart cities. In the approach to the Smart Cities future cities also require the development of the right infrastructure for smart solutions to be effectively adopted and used to support the people who use them, and make lives better.

Join this online event brought to you by the EUTECH CHAMBER on September 22 from 9:00-10:30 am CEST.

September 23, 2021 - Online Conference

Davos Digital Forum 09/2021

The Davos Digital Forum offers practical guidelines for digitization. The key theme of the event is "Smart Cities around the world". In practice-relevant workshops, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and work out application examples for your company or city. On 23.09.2021, you will again be able to experience how others are doing it. Learn from digital pioneers - of course, with your questions as the impetus for the discussion. With the DAVOS DIGITAL FORUM, we are setting a new milestone for digitalization, using practical examples: With us, you will learn how you can use digitalization as an opportunity for yourself and your organization.

September 27, 2021 - Webinar

Overcoming barriers, inclusiveness in public transport systems

A public transport system is only public when it takes into account the needs of all the users. This webinar draws from the experience of European projects that have addressed the topic of inclusiveness in public transport systems, to present a comprehensive view of how vulnerable to exclusion users can overcome the different physical, digital, and legal barriers when making use of public transport. 

This event, taking place September 27 from 14:00-15:30 CET  is the second in the Polis Public Transport Lab webinar series.

October 4, 2021 - Hybrid Event

13th International Smart City Expo

Smart City Expo 2021 provides a platform for citizens and organizations to discover emerging Future World Trends in Cities of the Future. Smart City Expo 2021 enables you to understand the Digital Transformation of Urban Services through the utilization of Big Data Analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, 5G, Smart City Financing Models, Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence.

Smart City Expo 2021, Dubai is designed for all the people involved in local, state, and Federal government decision-making and analysis. Moreover, this event is also beneficial for private sector companies which want to participate in the development of smart cities.

October 4, 2021 - Hybrid Event

3rd Urban Economy Forum (UEF 2021)

The 3rd Urban Economy Forum, UEF 2021, will have a systematic focus on how to deliver adequate and affordable housing and healthy environments as core pillars for urban economic recovery to deliver sustainable cities and achieve the SDGs. UEF 2021 will focus on housing as one of the key elements for urban equality, and as a practical arena for shifting societal behavior in a world affected by climate change and pandemics. There are a number of good practices for effective and scalable solutions being adopted by the people most impacted by COVID-19, who are least likely to have a steady place to call home and most affected by the damage to our climate.

October 5, 2021 - Mérida, MEXICO

Smart City Expo Latam Congress

Smart City Expo LATAM Congress drives the recovery and socioeconomic reactivation of Latin America! The Congress takes place from October 5-7 and is the largest forum for reflection, linkage, inclusion and action, in responding to urban challenges.

  • International visibility of a new trademark - Through making new products and solutions known to potential clients and partners.
  • Generation of networking and strategic alliances - Through the opportunity to collaborate with the key decision-makers and transformation actors.
  • Sharing ideas, knowledge and innovation - In special places, through exhibition of new trademark projects to the public, as well as to organizations and representatives of different Latin American cities.

October 6, 2021 - London, UK

Smart Buildings Show 2021

Smart Buildings Show connects visitors to the latest information and technology in the smart buildings industry.

We will give visitors the information they need to arrive at an informed decision on how to make their intelligent buildings more economic for owners and more functional for occupiers. Smart Buildings Show will take place at ExCeL, London on 6-7 October 2021. Smart buildings deliver services that make occupants productive at the lowest cost and environmental impact over the building lifecycle. To do this requires adding intelligence from the design phase through to the end of the building's useful life. Smart buildings use information technology during operation to connect subsystems, which typically operate independently, so that these systems can share information to optimise total building performance.

Smart Buildings Show 2021 will cover all key aspects of creating and managing a smart building, including:

  • Building automation systems
  • Energy efficiency
  • Lighting and controls
  • Security
  • HVAC
  • Smart meters and monitoring
  • Networks and wireless
  • Software
  • Services and support
  • Building automation and design
  • Building energy management
  • Regulations and consultancy
  • Workplace and wellbeing

October 11, 2021 - Online Conference


UN-Habitat and the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM) invite you to be part of the global Innovate4Cities 2021 climate change conference. Also known as the I4C conference, Innovate4Cities 2021 is a virtual global and regional event that brings together cities, innovation, climate change, science, policy and practice united by a common objective: enabling cities to take accelerated and more ambitious climate action.

October 12, 2021 - Hanoi, VIETNAM

ITU Digital World 2021

Join ITU Digital World 2021, the leading UN tech event for government, industry, and tech SMEs. Connect, exhibit and explore common challenges, share ideas and build partnerships. ITU Digital World offers:

  • A global platform for major industry players, tech SMEs, countries, and organizations
  • International visibility for innovative ICT products, technologies, and solutions
  • High-level debates led by experts on the core issues affecting the ICT sector
  • Targeted networking at all levels of the industry
  • Sharing knowledge and best practice across emerging and developed markets
  • UN recognition as a provider of ICT for sustainable development in the Awards Programm
ITU Digital World 2021 takes place in Hanoi, Vietnam from October 12-15, 2021.

October 12, 2021 - Online Conference

GovTech 2021

GovTech 2021 invites data and technology pioneers to explore the challenges and successes of implementing new and emerging technologies in the public sector. Tech trailblazers and government officials will come together virtually on 12th October 2021 to share knowledge and bridge the gap between policy and cutting-edge technology. Your benefits:

  • A program delivered by leading policymakers and decision-makers across the technology sector
  • The opportunity to solve strategic problems by sharing ideas and solutions with over 300 of your peers
  • GovTech Deployment and GovTech Culture Shift streams to allow delegates to hear targeted content, tailored to their expertise
Join GovTech 2021 - register early for the 2021 edition!

October 13, 2021 - Online Workshop

How innovation in location services and data ecosystems can help transform your city and region

Are you interested in how location data and technologies can be used to improve public services and how sandboxing can stimulate local and regional data-driven innovation?

This interactive workshop on October 13 from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm CET will provide you with practical insights throughout stimulating discussions.

It will build on the learnings drawn from two pan-European activities carried out under the ELISE Action of the ISA2 European Interoperability Programme, involving more than 20 European cities.

Following a plenary introduction, you will be able to choose to participate in one of the two following journeys:

Journey 1: Innovative use of location data and technologies to improve public services
Journey 2: Regional and local data-driven innovation through collective intelligence and sandboxing

The workshop is open to anyone working in or with the local and regional administration, including policymakers, civil servants, technology providers, representatives of research institutions and local organisations, and anyone interested in shaping data policies. The workshop is part of the #EURegionsWeek.



October 14, 2021 - Online Workshop

The role of Smart Cities in the EU recovery and practical guidelines for small and mid-sized cities

Digital transformation can create more efficient and citizen-friendly cities. But it is a path best walked together, through network peer learning and data sharing. This session on October 14 from 99:30 am to 11:00 AM outlines the smart city journey, from participation in high-level policy-making to practical applications of open data and innovation in small & mid-sized cities.

The session is divided into two parts: an introductory round table with a general discussion on the role of and challenges faced by cities, and two parallel breakout sessions.

In the policy breakout room, we will present RECI's strategic project for the national RRF: a national interoperability framework for smart city data and applications following EU standards. We will also draw examples to show how to optimise EU funds integrating city collaboration and best practices.

In the applied innovation breakout room, the SCIFI project cities - small cities beginning to grapple with open data and open innovation - will present the key ingredients for creating successful smart city projects when you are not a well-known open data city like London, or a famous smart city like Barcelona. By capturing challenges and lessons from their journey, SCIFI will present the cookbook they created to guide cities.

The workshop is part of the #EURegionsWeek.

October 17, 2021 - Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES


Nothing stops people and tech. The world’s biggest tech enterprises, startups and industry leaders will once again reunite in-person at GITEX 2021. A truly extraordinary edition for an extraordinary year, hosted alongside the spectacular Expo 2020 Dubai this October. World’s biggest tech enterprises, trailblazing startups, powerful investors, and pioneering government leaders will once again come together to breakthrough the uncertainties and plot our world’s stronger, bolder, tech-empowered future. Business opportunities don't come bigger than this. Let's meet at GITEX 2021.

October 20, 2021 - Hybrid Event (Aachen, Germany and Online)

CIVITAS Forum Conference 2021

This year’s CIVITAS Forum will utilise a hybrid format, combining online and onsite activities. Over the course of its two days, it will continue the tradition of offering interactive workshops, intriguing sessions, and interesting site visits, whilst introducing exciting new programme elements. These will provide the ideal opportunity to hear from the cities, people and projects driving innovation in smart, inclusive and sustainable mobility, as well as to exchange and connect with city representatives, policymakers, practitioners, planners, NGOs, and academics.

"Smart routes towards climate-neutral cities"
The 18th edition of the CIVITAS Initiative’s flagship conference focuses on “Smart routes towards climate-neutral cities”. This builds on the European Commission’s mission to create 100 climate-neutral cities by 2030. What is the role of mobility and transport in meeting this goal? How do smart mobility and climate-neutral mobility relate to each other? And what do local authorities need – from the private sector, the European Commission, and each other – to create the smart and climate-neutral cities we need?

October 21, 2021 - Warsaw, POLAND

Smart City Expo Poland

Smart City is a notion that embraces the entirety of technologies and services that are aimed at the creation of a modern city, friendly to both the environment and its citizens. Bearing this general definition in mind, at Smart City Expo Poland, taking place from October 21-22, 2021 in Warsaw, we present the products and technologies that are designed to ensure better city management and modernization.

In our exhibition halls, you will see equipment and technologies, among others, from the following businesses and sectors: renewable energy sources and methods of energy storage, e-mobility (cars and charging systems), mobile applications for citizens, e-payments, e-office, energy-saving street lighting, closed system management and modern methods of raw materials processing, systems for urban infrastructure management, municipal monitoring systems, tidiness and cleanliness maintenance.

October 26, 2021 - Hybrid Event (New York City & Online)


WRLDCTY is the only global city event of its kind, an executive forum and gathering that spans Urban Planning, Real Estate and Technology to inspire and discuss solutions to our most pressing urban issues. WRLDCTY is live in New York from October 26-28 and also broadcasts from stages in London, Dubai, Toronto, Hong Kong, Singapore, Houston and Vancouver.

Learn and be inspired by acclaimed leaders in architecture, proptech, innovation, arts, culture, design, mobility, retail and recreation.

  • 70 sessions and 150 of the world’s leading urban innovators
  • 3 days of action-packed conversations and inspiration to change our cities for good
  • An around-the-world event attended by the who’s who of Urban Planning, Real Estate, Technology, Business and Government

October 27, 2021 - Online Conference

IDC Government Executive Summit

The COVID recovery funding offers European governments a once in a century opportunity to re-imagine their economies. To make them more equitable, resilient to shocks and sustainable against long-term stresses, like climate change. European government executives are embracing innovative digital technologies to make intelligent, transparent policy decisions about these critical financial programs. And to deliver seamless services to citizens and businesses, so that constituents can enjoy the benefits of the recovery.

European countries must combine the top-down coordination of national governments with the bottom-up leadership of cities and regions that are re-imagining hyperlocal living. Such a combination of capabilities will accelerate the path to the new ETHIC (Efficient-Trusted-Highly Responsive-Inclusive-Convenient) public services.

At IDC Government Executive Summit you'll learn, among others:

  • How can governments best leverage chatbots and data intelligence to personalize services and accelerate channel shift?
  • How can they deploy intelligent automation to re-focus precious civil service resources on value-added tasks?
  • How can government executives build digital twins to make intelligent planning and operational decisions for sustainable cities, regions and countries?
  • How can government executives accelerate the development and deployment of innovations across hybrid, multi-cloud environments?
  • How can government executives embrace the acceleration of digital innovation, while protecting citizen privacy and fostering digital sovereignty?

November 4, 2021 - Webinar

Integrating urban design and infrastructure to accommodate public transport

How can urban design foster the integration between active travel and public transport, thus promoting intermodality as a convenient alternative to private car use? Public transport and active travel are key allies to achieve more liveable urban areas, where citizens can use both modes in a combined way to reach their destinations in an easy, safe, and convenient way. In this webinar on November 4 from 16:00-17:30 CET, we will hear about different perspectives and experiences that follow this approach.

November 9, 2021 - London, UNITED KINGDOM

MOVE 2021


MOVE brings together the people and companies redefining the transport industry around the world. Now in its third year, MOVE has grown to over 10,000 attendees. It has become the event for founders and CEOs of the world’s most influential companies in urban mobility to come together and let us know: what is next. MOVE is the meeting place for the entire mobility community: to do business, make new partnerships, and create the future. MOVE is mobility re-imagined.

MOVE 2021 takes place from November 9-10, 2021 in London.

November 9, 2021 - Webinar

Complementing mass transit with shared mobility

This webinar, taking place on November 9 from 11:00-12:30 CET, will examine how cities and regions can steer shared mobility to support public transport, exploring how to strategically integrate shared e-mobility hubs with the public transport network. How can local authorities nudge shared mobility to serve the gaps of public transport? In this Public Transport Lab we’ll share and discuss different initiatives and options.

November 16, 2021 - Hybrid Event, Barcelona, SPAIN

Smart City Expo World Congress

Smart City Expo World Congress comes back to Barcelona to celebrate its powerful 10th-anniversary edition from 16-18 November 2021.

The lessons learned from 2020 will contribute to creating an enhanced hybrid, cross-platform experience. A combined physical event of Smart City Expo World Congress, Smart Mobility Congress, and Retail & Brand Experience World Congress, with a digital platform affording endless opportunities.

November 23, 2021 - Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Abu Dhabi Smart City Summit

Returning in 2021, the 2nd Abu Dhabi Smart City Summit will once again gather government and private entities to collaborate and discuss their upcoming projects and technological requirements to support Abu Dhabi’s vision of becoming a leading global Smart City a reality. Join us this November to meet and hear from industry-leading experts, international innovators and cutting-edge technology providers to learn how we are consolidating initiatives and global efforts towards planning and building Smart Cities of the Future.

December 8, 2021 - Hybrid Event

Smart City Expo Miami: Sustainable Cities Experiences

As societies, we invest in new buildings, transportation, power, industry. Do we have a plan for the city with people, productivity, and quality of life in mind? Do we have a controlled process that produces successful projects that fit into our plan without wasted time, money, and eliminates corruption? Do we have a plan for maintenance of the completed assets that is locally resourced and sustainable? How do we engage the citizens to contribute to the planning process and create a unified effort? Is there new technology (right now) that is affordable and enables unprecedented participation and ushers in a new era of public support for a revitalized city?

Join us from December 8-10 in our hybrid edition so more smart people can start planning for a smarter future city.

February 22, 2022 - Online Conference

Ecocity World Summit 2022

Join us for the 14th edition of Ecocity World Summit - the Longest Running Summit On Sustainable Cities!
Leading international experts, thousands of innovators, researchers, engineers, designers, policymakers, environmentalists, teachers, and students will meet online on 22-24 February 2022. Ecocity 2022 will feature a wide range of sessions, workshops and other learning opportunities in an innovative virtual format, showcasing the latest research and developments in urban design and city transformation practices.

March 9, 2022 - New Delhi, India

7th Smart Cities India Expo

Be Part of Smart Cities India 2022 Expo!  Since its launch in 2015, Smart Cities India Expo has developed into Asia’s largest trade fair and conference on this subject. The event is organized by the India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) & Exhibitions India Group and is scheduled to be held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, from 09-11 March 2022. The expo will feature key verticals that make up the smart city framework of Smart Cities including Buildings, Solar, Transport, Water, etc.

March 22, 2022 - Taipei, TAIWAN & Hybrid Event


Smart City Summit and Expo is Asia’s largest smart city trade show and the first hybrid event in the region. It is not only an all-in-one event for global smart city solutions, but also a professional platform for G2G, G2B, and B2B networking.

The event quickly responded to the global pandemic situation and transformed itself into SCSE+, which presents Smart City Online in the virtual form throughout the year, and SCSE as a physical event from March 22 to 25 in 2022. The trade show features connections between city leaders, system integrators, telecom operators, and more key players in the fields. We believe the sharing of cutting-edge solutions and the global knowledge will deliver considerable opportunities for cities and businesses.

May 9, 2022 - Atlanta, USA

Smart City Expo Atlanta

Smart City Expo Atlanta - taking place in May 2022 - is North America's definitive conference for building inclusive 21st century economies. We are the only U.S. edition of Fira Barcelona's Smart City Expo World Congress, the world’s leading conference and expo on smart cities and smart urban solutions.

We convene the world’s leading government officials, CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, venture capitalists, and innovators on how to prioritize social and economic mobility, equitable infrastructure, and human capital in the new “smart city,” one defined by digital transformation, artificial intelligence, early-stage investments, and increased civic engagement.

Join us in redefining “smart” and ensuring equity, prosperity, humanity, inclusion, and justice are on par with blockchain, A.I., IoT, big data, and automation.


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