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What we do: Our Mission

bee smart city is the leading global smart city network and community with more than 15,500 members from 170 countries, featuring 710+ smart city solutions implemented in over 1,000 cities and communities across the globe.

The mission of bee smart city is to empower smart sustainable cities by facilitating the global exchange of best practice solutions and lessons learned. bee smart city creates market transparency as a trusted, independent platform and efficiently connects cities and communities among each other, with solution providers and other stakeholders.

Besides the smart city network and community, bee smart city operates a global smart city knowledge center, featuring strategy and solutions insights, portraits of successful smart sustainable cities, smart city events and tenders.

Furthermore, bee smart city provides advisory services to cities, local, regional and national government bodies as well as to public and private sector companies related to efficient (digital) urban transformation.

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Meet Our Management

Dr. Alexander Gelsin, Managing Partner at bee smart city

Dr. Alexander Gelsin

Managing Partner

Dr. Alexander Gelsin leads the Product- and Platform Development at bee smart city and takes care of Corporate Finance. As an experienced IT-Consultant and Big Data Analyst, he ensures that the bee smart city platform and our developed digital tools and applications are customer-centric and offer high performance. Due to his experience in big data analysis and simulation, Alex supports our advisory services activities with his sharp analytic mindset and skills.

Bart Gorynski, Managing Partner at bee smart city

Bart Gorynski

Managing Partner

Bart Gorynski is responsible for Corporate Strategy, Business Development and Real Estate Advisory. With his passion and proven ability to execute and advance our corporate strategy as a means to achieve the vision and mission of bee smart city, he drives us continuously forward. Furthermore, he possesses years of experience and relevant expertise in the real estate industry and especially in the development of smart districts and asset optimization.

Thomas Müller, Managing Partner at bee smart city

Thomas Müller

Managing Partner

Thomas Müller heads Marketing and Sales as well as our Public Sector Advisory Services. With his years of experience in the public sector and at the intersection of government and business, he enables us to identify the best solutions, concepts and projects for our clients, to tailor them to their individual needs and to implement them collaboratively. His strong international network ensures connecting the right decision-makers and new business contacts.



Paul Mikolajczyk, bee smart city GmbH

Paul Mikolajczyk

Executive Assistant Business Development & Strategy
Ivan-Alexander Jung, bee smart city GmbH

Ivan-Alexander Jung

Digital Marketing Manager Marketing & Sales
Robin Wegner, bee smart city GmbH

Robin Wegner

Executive Assistant Product Development
Holger Mohr, bee smart city GmbH

Holger Mohr

Key Account Manager Marketing & Sales
Jennifer Svedberg, bee smart city GmbH

Jennifer Svedberg

Maximilian Müller, bee smart city GmbH

Maximilian Müller

Kimberly Rittner, Junior Manager Marketing & Sales at bee smart city

Kimberly Rittner


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