How to optimize my Profile Page

August 21, 2019 2:38:26 PM CEST

Optimizing your Profile Page means, that you show as much of you as possible and update it regularly.
It will help you stick out from all the members on the platform and it will help you connect with others.
Also the Profile Page might get updated with newly implemented features.

Every Platform Member has a Profile Page with a unique URL and following elements that are visible to other members.

  1. A header Card that shows a title image, the profile picture, name, job position, company and city.
  2. An "About me" Card with a descriptive text, if one has been entered.
  3. A Solutions Card that appears only when the member is a Solution Moderator
  4. A Seeking Tags and an Offering Tags Card that will only appear if Tags have been added to these fields.

Profile Page of Thomas Müller Co Founder of bee smart city for demonstration of the elements described before

Elements that are not visible on a Profile Page are for example information about activity, sector of work, e-mail and preferences.

Profile Ind A Menu Under Profile Picture Screenshot

You reach your own Profile Page by clicking on your Profile Picture on the Navigation Bar at the top.
This will open a menu and there you need to select "Profile"
On Mobile you need to open the Burger Menu to the right in the navigation bar and select "Profile" there.To edit your own Profile Page, you need to visit it and press that "Edit Profile" button.Edit Profile Button Screenshot





Before you Begin

A Profile Page is specifically for the purpose of displaying yourself as a person to the other members of the platform.
Please don't turn it into a Company Page, because we will eventually have Pages that display your Company or Organization. We already have City Pages.
Furthermore it is not allowed to impersonate others, use material that you have no rights to or add anything that offends any other rule in our User Agreement.

Title Image and Profile Picture

To edit the Profile Picture you have to press the pen Icon. Profile Page Edit Profile Picture Pen Icon
For the Title Image you need to click the Button "Customize Title Image".
A Modal will open where you need to press Choose File to upload an image.
Afterwards you have the option to adjust the image a little and to finish the set up you need to press "Save" in the bottom right of the Modal.

Profil Page Image Upload Modal Screenshot

The biggest size of the Profile Picture is 208x208 pixel and for the title image it is 744x204 pixel.
Larger Images tend to take more time to appear on the Profile Page.

The Profile Picture should only ever display yourself and so that your face is visible even if you zoom out a little, to ensure that people can recognize you. However if you are uncomfortable with showing a picture of yourself, you can leave the profile picture empty.
Please don't upload any Profile Pictures that are disobeying the User Agreement, or depict anything or anyone other than yourself.
The Title Image can show anything that is according to the User Agreement and that you have rights to, if you have to reference it, you can do so in the About Me card if it's really necessary. You can get creative with the Title Image, but it is recommended to stay serious.
Please don't use the Title Image as a Profile Picture, because such behavior is not beneficial.

General Information

Edit View of the Profile Page with General Information Fields: First Name, Last Name, Email, Sector of Work, Company, Job Title and Your City Screenshot

On the Header Card, right under the Profile Picture, there are text fields with your General Information such as your Name, Job title and E-Mail.
Ideally every one of these fields are filled out with your currently correct information.
I advise you to update these information if something changed, to prevent confusion and to show that you are active.
If you need to change the E-Mail address, please contact with the Subject "bee smart city - Email Change Request" and preferably with the E-Mail that is currently in use on the platform so that we immediately know that it is you.
If you can't use the E-Mail your account is connected to anymore, please provide us with material that verifies that you are the owner of the account.

About Me

About Me Field In Profile Edit View with Text for Demonstration Screenshot

The About Me Card should ideally describe you as a person. As long as the text field has anything in it, it will appear on your profile page.
It is possible to do some slight formatting, but placing hyperlinks is not an option.
The About Me text has no functional impact on your platform experience, but it's advised to have one so other members know more about you before they get in contact with you.


Preferences Card with Option to turn on or off email notifications

They are Account specific settings.
We will extend the amount of settings and possibly move this to it's own page eventually.
Right now you can only adjust E-Mail Notifications, if you want to receive E-Mails every day at 11am CEST, when you have new unread messages on the platform.

Offering and Seeking Tags

Offering and Seeking Tags Cards on Profile Page with Example Tags for Demonstration

These Cards show what kind of skills, areas of expertise, services or products you are offering or looking for.
Offering stands for what you actually offer and Seeking for what you are currently looking for or are interested in.
These tags are a key element for the matching feature and they help other members to decide whether they want to get in contact with you.
The cards will only show up if you have Tags added.Profile Page Tag Editing Screenshot with Add Button
To add Tags you need to simply press the "Add" button
and type in a Tag name.
A guide on how to name Tags is coming soon.

Upon leaving the input field or pressing the check mark next to the Tag name, the Tag is being saved.
Now you can still edit this tag with the pen icon and delete it with the x icon.
You can also rearrange the Tags by holding on to the 6 dots to the left of the Tags and dragging them around.

Three to five Tags are a good amount for each card and you can have up to ten Tags per card in total.

Finishing the Profile Page changes

When you are done adding things to your Profile Page, you need to press the "Save Changes" Button to keep those changes and additions. This should give you a message whether the changes have been saved or if there is an error. Please contact shall errors occur.

Profile Page Edit View Save Changes and Show Profile Button
When you update your Profile you should also take a look at it afterwards, by pressing "Show Profile", to check for mistakes and to generally get an impression what other Members will see when they visit your Page.
The Buttons are located at the bottom of the page, right under preferences.
If you leave the page without saving, your browser should give you a notification about the loss of unsaved changes. If you disregard this notification and move on, then the changes will be deleted and they can't be recovered.


The Solutions that are listed on your Profile Page can't be changed from the Profile Page itself, however you can use our guide on how to optimize your Solutions to find out how to add, edit and optimize Solutions.

Robin Wegner

Written by Robin Wegner

Robin Wegner is the product development executive assistant at bee smart city. He studied mechanical engineering and human-machine interaction before joining bee smart city in 2018 to assist in the development of the bee smart city platform. His biggest interest is in connecting with users to optimize the user experience of the platform.