How to add and optimize my Smart City Solutions

August 7, 2019 4:54:19 PM CEST

Solutions are a core component of the bee smart city platform.

  • If you are a city or a solution provider and have already added a solution to the database, we would like to thank you for your contribution.
  • If you are a city or a solution provider who has not yet added a solution to the database, then the following guide is probably very helpful to you.

If you need any additional help, you can send us an Email to

Before you begin

When you think about submitting a new solution, please search the database if your solution has already been added by someone else. If it was someone else, like a co-worker of yours, then you can claim your involvement. If we added it ourselves, you can claim yourself as the Solution Moderator.
We will have a guide post "How to claim my involvement with a Solution" for these two cases soon.

Also please make sure that you do not submit the same solution more than once. If there is an update to your active solution, edit that specific active solution. Changes won't be made public right away so you can work on it as much as you want and then remember to submit it so that a Quality Control team member can review it.

Splitting a Solution up into parts and submitting a new solution for each of these parts will not benefit you, in fact it will make it harder for you to compete with other providers and it will likely confuse the people looking at your solutions. The same goes for splitting up solutions for different regions.

Adding a Solution

To add a new solution, you will need to click the "Add Solution" button in the Navigation Bar at the top of the screen. If you are on a mobile device, you will first have to open the Burger Menu on the Navigation Bar to the right, then select "Add Solution" in the menu. You can also click here.

You will arrive on a page looking like this:

Add Solution UI Screenshot bee smart city

From here on, it is important that you fill out the mandatory fields and be as descriptive as possible, so that other members can easily understand the essence of the solution.
If you are unsure what to enter in a certain field, you can click on the related Info button, the grey button with the "i" on, to get a hint.

In a following chapter I will present a checklist that will help you optimize your solutions.

By adding a solution you create a draft. Any changes to the draft will be saved automatically, so you can feel at ease if you leave the page. You can continue editing later. All solution drafts can be found under "My Solutions".

My Solutions

My Solutions in a menu under the profile Picture at the very right of the Navigation Bar on bee smart cityYou can get to your solutions by clicking on your Profile Picture, alternatively if you are on mobile the burger icon, on the far right in the Navigation Bar and select "My Solutions". There you can access a listing of all the solutions you have added.

Your solutions are displayed in the same way as a search result on the platform, but with an indication of the current status of the respective solution:

  • "Draft" for not yet submitted solutions or changes,
  • "In Review" for submitted solutions that have yet not been reviewed by the bee smart city support team for quality control and
  • "Active" for solutions that have been reviewed and are now accessible on the platform.

Solutions can have up to two indications at the same time, if they have been activated already and it's in the process of updating.

Clicking on a solution in "My Solutions" will direct you to the individual solution page.

Editing Solutions

If you want to continue working on a draft or edit an already submitted or activated solution, then you first need to navigate to the Solution Page. Once you are there, you will see that at the bottom there is a bar with options such as "edit" and "discard".

When you view the Solution Draft, the "submit" button will show up there as well. Simply click "edit" and you will get to the solution set-up page that you saw when you added the solution, but now it has the content you inserted.

Checklist for Optimizing your Solution Page

To increase your chances for passing the quality control right away, I will provide you with a checklist in this chapter. However, even if you don't pass the quality control test with your first submission, you will receive feedback with which you will pass it.
Good examples for optimized solutions are Steora Smart Bench and Parquery - Cloud-Based Smart Parking.

The following points are especially important: 8, 9, 17, 19 and 20.

  1. Solution Name Input Field Screenshot
    Solution Name.
    The title of the solution should not be too long (max 50–60 characters) and have relevant keywords in it. It is also preferable that the title isn't the website address of the solution. It should be unique and eye-catching but natural (Example Title: Sensoneo - Smart Waste Management Platform)

  2. Year Input Field Screenshot
    When was the Project initially launched?

  3. Smart Indicator Selection Field Screenshot
    Smart Indicator.
    What is the primary smart city indicator/ field of action for your Solution? You may only select the primary one.

  4. Spatial Level Selection Field with 2 Levels selected Screenshot
    Spatial Level.
    Is the solution more aimed at a Smart City, Smart District, Smart Building or a Smart Home? Up to 2 can be chosen.

  5. Solution Status Selection Field Screenshot
    Solution Status.
    Has the Solution already been implemented? Is it still in development or is it simply an idea?

  6. Implemented In Input Field with undisclosed option and cities added for demonstration Screenshot
    Implemented in (Cities).
    Add as many cities as possible where the solution has already been implemented. If the solution is not implemented anywhere or the locations would be preferred to be kept undisclosed, just check the "undisclosed" box. 

  7. The Solution Can Be Implemented In Rural Areas/Communities checkbox Screenshot
    Is the solution also applicable for rural areas/communities?
    There's a checkbox in "General" for that!

  8. Details Tab Problem Input Field Screenshot
    Problem. Does the section talk about the problem or challenge to be solved with this solution? Whether it is solving traffic congestion or helps build more sustainable living and so on, it is helpful to know what the impulse for the solution was. 

  9. Aim Input Field Screenshot
    Aim. Does the section talk about what the solution is aimed at to solve the described problem/challenge? What are the potential benefits for targeted stakeholders? 

  10. Approach Input Field Screenshot
    Approach. Does the section talk about how the solution will work? How will it be implemented and how long does it take? New or pre-existing technology or methodology? How will the goal be pursued? 

  11. Tags Input Field with Tags added for demonstration Screenshot
    Add at least 5 tags (keywords) that best describe the solution. The maximum amount of tags is 10. If you need tag ideas, explore the Trends Page to identify suited tags that have been added already for similar solutions.

  12. Weblinks Input Field with Providers Homepage added for demonstration Screenshot
    Recommended, best way to get curious users to look into the solution more. Best practice to give readers the option to do research and to bring traffic and leads to your site.

  13. The Solution Is Based On Blockchain Technology Checkbox Screenshot
    Based on Blockchain?
    There's a checkbox in the "Details" for it! 

  14. Summary Tab Involved Parties Input Field with Companies added for demonstration Screenshot
    Involved Parties
    . If multiple companies are involved, put the company leading the solution creation at the top of the list. Cities should not be in this section. A specified department of the city that was involved in the development / implementation of the solution is preferred rather than the city itself. Keep in mind that companies/organizations/cities can also claim their involvement. 

  15. Results Input Field Screenshot
    Does the section talk about the results of the solution that have been achieved after implementation or what is believed/hoped to be the results? How far does the solution solve the problem? Will there be follow up projects? 

  16. Costs Input Field Screenshot
    Roughly how much will the solution cost? Implementation and/or maintenance? Subscription fees? Are they available on request? It can also be left blank. 

  17. Solution Summary Input Field Screenshot
    Solution Summary.
    Does it sum up what the solution is without being way too long? Something very important is that the first 140 characters of it should be the most descriptive, as this is what will be seen first in sharing the solution. Using keywords in it helps other members and external users (search engines) in searching for the solution as well. 

  18. Key Benefits Selection Field with 6 Key Benefits selected Screenshot
    Key Benefits.
    Choose at least one or more from the list that best describes the Key Benefit/s of the solution when implemented by a city / client. 

  19. Media Tab Preview Picture and Gallery Images Fields with Pictures added for demonstration Screenshot
     Most important is that there is a Preview Picture for sharing the solution. But make sure to also add pictures in the Gallery Images section, as images give a more emotional feeling for the solution and convert better than pure text. It should be images of the solution - high quality screenshots are also fine.

  20. Solution Preview Example Screenshot
    Does the solution make sense as a whole with all of the sections put together? Does it look too empty?
    Repeated text in several sections is not recommended, as it makes the page look fairly unprofessional. 

  21. Tags Section with one misspelled Tag Name for demonstration Screenshot
    Check for any possible misspellings or grammatical mistakes.
    It's easy to miss in the moment of creating the solution page! 

  22. Preview Button next to Next Button on Add/Edit Solution  Screenshot
    Think about the formatting of the solution.
    If it looks a bit off here and there and/or there's a huge piece of text that could be cut up into 2 or more paragraphs, put some spaces in there. It makes the solution easier to read and makes the page look more professional. Make use of the Preview often to see how the solution page will look in the end.

  23. Solution Moderator Section on Solution Page showing details about the Solution Moderator such as name, jobtitle, company and profile picture Screenshot
    As a Solution Moderator you will be visible to other members on the platform
    and it's recommended to have an optimized Profile Page, since members will very likely view it when they want to contact you. We have a guide on How to optimize my Profile Page.

Words of Advise

First of all, we need you to submit a solution before we can review it and then publish it. Nothing will happen if your solution isn't submitted. The Submit Button is located at the bottom right of the window, when you preview your solution.Submit Solution Button on Solution Preview of Draft with options besides submit screenshot

Live Customer Support Chat Icon

Once again, I would like to urge you to contact if you need any help and typically from 10:00 to 17:00 (CEST) a chat bubble will appear on the solution set-up page in the very bottom of the window.

If you click on it, a chat window will appear and you are able to type in a message that a Customer Support Team Member will receive and be notified of. After that you will be in a Live Chat with a Customer Support Team Member, who will help you out.

To guarantee that the Customer Support Team can help you, please keep that same page you are on open. It is possible that it might take a few minutes before someone replies, so please be patient.

Robin Wegner

Written by Robin Wegner

Robin Wegner is the product development executive assistant at bee smart city. He studied mechanical engineering and human-machine interaction before joining bee smart city in 2018 to assist in the development of the bee smart city platform. His biggest interest is in connecting with users to optimize the user experience of the platform.