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Smart City Palo Alto

By Lisa Smith on Oct 1, 2018 11:06:20 AM

A comparatively small American city in the very center of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto has thrown itself into the smart city scene, founding a number of tech-driven projects to solve the problems of its 67,000 citizens. The first challenge to overcome, however, is its size: Palo Alto will need to pioneer smart resource management in order to fund the deployment of its smart city initiatives and the larger-scale implementation of any successful solutions.


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A Portrait of the Smart Nation Singapore

By Lisa Smith on Feb 12, 2018 9:17:09 PM

This smart city portrait provides an overview on the smart city strategy and intelligent solutions implemented in the City and nation-state of Singapore. Cities all over the world are applying new technologies to solve their problems and become smarter. Singapore’s take on technology, as endorsed by bee smart city, is that it should not be an end in itself – it should be made to serve the people, who should be firmly at the centre of the smart city concept. Singapore’s holistic strategy and innovative solutions can serve as best practice examples for many other cities around the world.


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