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Our Mission: Accelerating Smart City Development Globally

At bee smart city, we take the creation of prosperous and livable smart cities and communities to the next level, connecting smart city stakeholders and enthusiasts around the globe through our unique online smart city solution network.

Our community is driven by thousands of contributing members from cities, solution providers, universities and the civil society, sharing their passion and expertise to make cities and communities smarter.

We simplify the exchange of best practice solutions and provide an efficient toolset for smart city analysis, for facilitating collaboration and the successful implementation of replicable solutions.

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Meet Our Management

Bart Gorynski
Managing Partner
Bart is the strategic mind in our team. With his passion and proven ability to build a vision and strategy for a successful company, he pushes us permanently forward.
Thomas M├╝ller
Managing Partner
Tom is our marketing and sales lead. His expertise in working with companies and the public sector as well as his extensive network help bringing our product to market.
Dr. Alexander Gelsin
Managing Partner
Alex is our product and development lead. With his expertise in product management and data analytics, he is responsible for transforming our vision into a cutting-edge product.

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