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A smart city is all about implementing solutions that create added value and transform into collective good. Smart solutions in this sense include technologic solutions as well as no-tech solutions. From our perspective, the success of smart cities comes down to the intelligent implementation of solutions that have proven to deliver results.

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Smart Cities Insights

For cities and communities around the globe, becoming a smart city represents a huge opportunity – if not a necessity – to increase efficiency and become more attractive for citizens and businesses.

bee smart city helps you to efficiently seize this opportunity with strategic insights and best practice solutions.

Solution Providers

To become a smart city, municipalities need strong and experienced partners that deliver the right services, tools and technologies for implementing effective smart city solutions.

bee smart city connects municipalities with the best-suited partners to reach their goals and increases the visibility of companies that make cities smart.

Best Smart City Solutions

The journey towards becoming smart is primarily driven by the implementation of intelligent no-tech initiatives and technology-driven solutions across different strategic fields of action.

bee smart city has established a global solution database to help you with identifying and adapting the best solutions for your city. We are your smart city network!


Smart Waste Management Solutions in Smart Cities

Cities around the globe are implementing smart waste management solutions to leverage higher efficiency in terms of resources and costs associated with keeping their city clean. But smart waste management solutions can be so much more: they can deliver IoT-functions to get ahead with other smart city challenges.

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Towards a New Paradigm of the Smart City

At bee smart city, we strongly believe that collective intelligence is the key success factor for smart cities, representing a new paradigm in the development of smarter cities. By tapping into collective intelligence based on a human-centric approach, a city or community can create a truly smart city of and for the next generation.

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Smart City Evolution: A Review of Becoming a Smart City

The concept of "smart cities" has reached a mainstream status in 2017. However, several important aspects of this concept are subject to constant debate. In our review, we put forward a new definition, clarify some aspects that have been critically discussed and point out the key success factors from our perspective.

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At bee smart city, we provide an efficient toolset for smart city analysis and for facilitating collaboration and the successful implementation of the best smart city solutions available.

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Smart Cities of the World - Featured by bee smart city

Explore portraits of leading smart cities from all over the world on #beesmartcity. We make the smartest cities visible and explain their strategic approaches, their aims and specific solutions that make them stand out as future-oriented livable and prosperous cities.

City Portraits

At bee smart city we feature portraits of leading smart cities to provide strategy and solutions insights for other cities. Learn from the world’s smartest cities and their corporate partners how they address problems and seize opportunities.

Why a Smart City Portrait?

With your own city portrait, you can show the world that you are working on creating a more livable and prosperous place. Increase your visibility and inspire others – with similar challenges and opportunities – to do the same!

How to be portrayed

We are always looking for cities from all over the world that are on their way towards becoming smart. Share strategic approaches, solutions and results for others to learn and see. Get in touch with us to have your own city portrayed!


Would you like to have your city or community featured?

Your city or community is on its way towards becoming a smart city or intelligent community?

Seize the opportunity to have your city or community featured in a city portrait on bee smart city and to have your solutions included in our global smart city solutions database!


Creating a smarter future for all of us!

In March 2017, the father of the Internet Vinton G. Cerf was quoted in the German newspaper „Die Zeit“, saying that „smart cities is the next big thing“. We share his opinion. Given the current and future challenges that municipalities across the world need to address, the smart city concept will shape the future of how we live, work and interact in any given location. To be among the most attractive, prosperous and livable cities depends on the willingness of city governments to enter a continuous competition with themselves – to provide efficient and effective services and conditions for all their customers.